Season 5Edit

"Turn! Turn! Turn!"Edit


Holly and Andy

Holly is seen in bed with Andy Bellefleur after having sex with him. She was awakened by her two boys, Wade and Rocky Cleary coming home early from a hunting weekend with her ex-husband. Andy rushed out of the apartment leaving Holly to talk to her sons. ("Turn! Turn! Turn!")

"Whatever I Am, You Made Me"Edit

Andy visits Merlotte's and shows Holly a picture of the missing Debbie Pelt. He asks Holly if she knew her. Holly says that she didn't. Andy then shows her a picture of him laying nude on her bed that her kids posted on Facebook. Holly freaks out and assures him that they will be punished. Andy tells her not to worry about it and asks if she wants to take their relationship to the next level. Holly agrees. ("Whatever I Am, You Made Me")

"We’ll Meet Again"Edit

Andy flirts with Holly over the phone while at work.

Holly walks in on Sookie in the bathroom by mistake and apologizes. As she waits, Sookie hears her thoughts. Holly thinks about how she can get through her shift around Sookie after what she did to Tara.

Unbeknownst to Holly, Andy visits a Faerie nightclub with Jason Stackhouse and Judge Clemmons. ("We’ll Meet Again")


Sookie, Arlene and Holly complain about men at Merlotte's. Jason arrives to tell Sookie about the faerie nightclub. Sookie commands Jason to take her to the location. ("Hopeless")

"In the Beginning"Edit

Holly find Arlene watching her wedding video in Sam's office and joins her in remembering the day. Being aware of what really happened to him, a sad look crosses Holly's face when the camera cuts to Jesus Velasquez. When Arlene dismisses Terry's fears of a fire demon as the result of him going off his meds, Holly reminds Arlene of the crazy things they've seen and points out the possibility that the Ifrit is real. ("In the Beginning")

"Somebody That I Used to Know"Edit

Lafayette returns home, interested only in a bath and a blunt. He finds Arlene and Holly waiting for him, wanting him to help them with Terry's curse. Lafayette says he'll do it for $300.

Lafayette agrees to attempt to get rid of Terry and Patrick's curse. He goes through the motions at first, but then the Iraqi woman actually makes an appearance. Lafayette tells the soldiers that she is still furious and the only way to break the curse is for one of them to die. Patrick jumps up and runs off. ("Somebody That I Used to Know")

"Everybody Wants to Rule the World"Edit

Patrick takes Arlene hostage to ensure that he can kill Terry. However the couple are able to overpower and kill him, freeing Terry from the curse.

The destruction of Tru Blood manufacturing plants leads to an increase in vampire attacks and a government warning not to go out after dark. ("Everybody Wants to Rule the World")

"Gone, Gone, Gone"Edit

Andy meets Holly in the bar and she reveals that she has asked Lafayette to prepare dinner for them as a thank you for taking her home from work every night during the vampire crisis. Holly flirts with Andy as they eat. ("Gone, Gone, Gone")


At Merlotte's, Holly gives Andy Bellefleur breakfast and tells him she has another surprise: an apology from her two sons. One of the sons apologizes for putting the nude picture of Andy on Facebook, while the other is harsh and unapologetic. Andy tells them that he will treat Holly right, and they share a handshake. ("Sunset")

"Save Yourself"Edit

Maurella, a heavily pregnant faery, visits Merlotte's and asks Andy for salt. She downs a whole shaker as he tries to explain their affair to Holly. Maurella's light breaks and she goes into labor.

Holly is forced to midwife as Maurella gives birth to 4 baby girls. She quickly leaves, instructing Andy to take care of their children and make sure at least two survive into adulthood. Holly, shocked, calls Andy a dick. ("Save Yourself")

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