Season 6Edit

"You're No Good"Edit


Andy and Holly practicing shooting.

Andy is at the the police department checking out the newly issued anti vampire weapons when Holly comes in to complain about the vampires hanging out at the hotel at night scratching at the windows. Andy introduces Holly to his daughters who appear to be about 13 years old now. Andy offers to help Holly and asks if he would take a ride with her. She reluctantly goes along. Andy teaches Holly how to shoot a gun while his four tween daughters zap frogs in the grass with their fae powers, or as Andy calls them, "hand lasers." As they continue shooting you can tell that Andy and Holly have some chemistry left over from their recently ended relationship. Andy asks Holly if he could be the one to protect Holly one day when she can forgive him. She is vague, neither agreeing nor disagreeing, and continues shooting. ("You're No Good")

"F**k the Pain Away"Edit


Holly speaks with Andy.

A broken Andy watches his only surviving daughter sleeping on the couch with Holly at his side, trying to comfort him. He reveals to her that Jessica was the one who killed his children, and becomes upset when Holly says that Jessica was always such a nice vampire. Andy says that he can't get over the deaths of his children, and grabs a gun with the intention of taking revenge on Bill and Jessica. Holly stops him, telling him that he isn't capable of fighting Bill, and that he will only wind up getting himself killed and leaving his surviving daughter with no one to protect her. ("F**k the Pain Away")

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