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Hot Wings

Location Information
  • Faerie nightclub/safehouse
  • Burlesque strip club


Hot Wings is an exclusive and secret burlesque strip club on the HBO original series True Blood. Also serving as a safe house for faeries and halflings seeking refuge from vampires, the club is apparently located in the middle of a field, somewhere in Louisiana. Completely invisible to humans from the outside, Hot Wings is owned and operated by Claude Crane, a powerful fae, and the only brother to 17 faerie sisters.



Hot Wings is a faerie safe house located in Louisiana.

Season 5Edit

"We’ll Meet Again"Edit

Judge Clements takes Andy and Jason to Hot Wings in a limousine, where they find a sensual party in full swing. The Judge spots a dancer who he appears to be familiar with and departs, while Jason is beckoned over by another dancer named Leda, who disturbs him by knowing just a little too much about about him. ("We’ll Meet Again")


After learning the true circumstances surrounding their parent's deaths Jason informs Sookie, who demands that they return to Hot Wings, believing Hunter and Hadley to be in danger. ("Hopeless")

"In the Beginning"Edit

"Somebody That I Used to Know"Edit




Notable VisitorsEdit


  • Alan Ball confirmed at Comic-Con 2011 that while Hooligans would appear in Season 5, it would appear under the new name, "Hot Wings".



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