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Season 5, Episode 6
S05E06 Hopeless
Air date July 15, 2012
Written by Alan Ball
Directed by Dan Attias
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"Let's Boot and Rally"
"In the Beginning"

"Hopeless" is the sixth episode of Season 5 of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' fifty-fourth episode overall.


The aftermath at the asylum has Sookie filled with dread. The Authority retrieve Bill and Eric. Pam gets involved when Tara's actions lead to a fight. After receiving an alarming message from Jesus, Ruby Jean gets a visit from Lafayette. Terry thinks a curse is to blame for his predicament. Sam lends Andy a hand with an investigation. Alcide faces up to J.D. and Roman reveals his plans for Russell.


"Peace... is for pussies!"
― Russell Edgington, before killing Roman Zimojic

Alcide is dragged away by a wolf before he can transform to take it on. Nate and Woody assume their wolf forms to attack Eric and Bill, leaving Sookie exposed. Still weak, but hungry, Russell Edgington closes on Sookie. He is about to bite her when she uses her faerie photokinesis, sending him flying against a wall. Before he can recover, Eric and Bill kill both of their wolf attackers, and Eric grabs Russell by the throat. Bill comes up behind Eric before he can kill Russell, holding him at bay with a stake. He proposes that they take Russell alive, reasoning that if they succeed, the Authority might spare them. Eric doesn't believe him. "Maybe you are ready to die. Maybe you're just bored after a thousand years. But you do not make that decision for me," Bill says. Before Eric can answer, an Authority strike team lead by Chancellor Kibwe swarms the building. He tells the group that they'll take over from that point.

Tara and Jessica's knock-down, drag-out fight rages on in the bathroom of Fangtasia. Pam watches with an amused smile for a moment before ending it. Tara barks at Jessica for attacking her in Fangtasia, calling it "my house," which Pam doesn't like one bit. She drags Tara into the back and reminds her progeny that Fangtasia is her house and that Tara just works there. She then smiles telling Tara "You did good out there; the fighting. Made me proud." She tempers her praise by adding "proud the way a human is proud of a well-trained dog. Nothing more."

Terry and Patrick are leaving Eller's compound. They see the smoke and flame of the Ifrit, and break into a run.

Russell hurls curses at the Authority's team and assures them that they'll pay once he's fully restored. Russell is led away and Alcide rejoins the group, telling them that it was JD Carson that attacked him but that he fled when he heard the other wolves die. Alcide recognizes Nate's corpse and calls him a dumbass. Kibwe asks Bill and Eric why Sookie and Alcide are there. They make up a story about finding them, and Doug, along the way. "They know too much," Kibwe says, but Bill assures him that they'll be glamoured. The councilman agrees, leaving one of the team behind to witness it. Bill goes to Sookie and tells her to look him in the eyes. Eric approaches Alcide, bares his fangs and bites his finger to heal him with his blood. "We owe you, wolf," Eric says. Then he glamours Alcide. He tells Alcide that he'll remember nothing of the evening, but he'll always protect Sookie with his life. Alcide drowsily agrees. Eric adds that Alcide will keep his hands off of Sookie, romantically speaking and, in fact, from this moment on he'll find Sookie a bit disgusting. Bill tells Sookie that she'll remember nothing of the night, and nothing of him or Eric. It will be as though we never met, Bill tells Sookie. Bill is only pretending to glamour her, because as a faerie Sookie is immune. Bill tells Sookie to live her life as she was meant to live it, in the sun with others like her, as a human. Kibwe finds Doug with Russell's other victims. He tells them that he wishes to question them. At their request he promises to glamour their memories away.

Luna and Sam are wheeled into the hospital - both alive. Emma runs to a house as a wolf pup and yelps at the door. Martha Bozeman, her werewolf grandmother, opens it and takes her in.

Hoyt finds Jessica sulking in the corner at Fangtasia and tells her that he knows that she still loves him. Jessica tells Hoyt that this is pathetic but Hoyt goes on, insisting that Jessica still cares for him. He inflames Jessica's anger and she jumps on him. He asks her to glamour him, bite him, or do anything she wants to him. She says that he is not himself and leaves. Hoyt then gets up and yells out, "This is me, dammit!!"

Alcide drives Sookie home. He doesn't remember how they got there or understand why Sookie is crying.

Kibwe puts Bill and Eric into the back of a truck and tells them that the Authority will be pleased that they captured Russell. They ask if this means they'll be pardoned, and he tells them it is in Lilith's hands. As Bill and Eric are taken away, Kibwe moves to another truck, filled with Russell's victims and Doug. They beg to go home. Kibwe smiles and asks them to fasten their seatbelts. After they comply, he bares his fangs and, with lightning speed, zips through the vehicle slaughtering everyone.

Jason seemingly awakens from a nap to see his father. He reminisces about his mother and father, remembering that his father always used to call him "champ," and that it made him feel good. His father smiles and listens as Jason says "I swear to God, and to you both, I'm going to find that vampire that killed you, and make him pay for what he did you our family." Jason's father nods and says, "The only thing you have to fear, is..." Jason wakes up in actuality before his father can finish.

Alcide comes downstairs in the morning to find Sookie sitting alone in her kitchen. He asks if she is OK, then has flashbacks of the two of them having sex. Alcide asks what happened, and Sookie tells him that stuff happened. He obviously doesn't remember anything, so Sookie reaches for him. Alcide recoils, and Sookie realizes what Eric did as part of his glamour. She then makes Alcide hold on to her hand and returns his memories of Russell and the asylum to him. Alcide suddenly recognizes one of the wolves as JD, flares up at the trouble Bill and Eric have caused and storms off. "Bye," Sookie sullenly mutters. "I'm just going to stay here and quietly slip into a coma."

Sam visits Luna's bedside, just as Martha brings Emma to the hospital. Martha tells Luna that she doesn't want to compete with her or take Emma away, but just wants to be in her granddaughter's life. Luna tells Martha that someone is hunting shifters, and asks if she'll keep Emma safe. Martha agrees.

Terry and Patrick drive away from Eller's compound. Terry throws himself from Patrick's car and tries to run away. Patrick chases him down. Terry is terrified and tells Patrick that they are going to pay for their misdeeds.

Lafayette is summoned to visit Ruby Jean. She tells him that Jesus Velasquez appeared to her too and wants to talk to him. Lafayette asks why she saw him, and she says that she doesn't know, adding that the electricity has always run through her. She tells him to save Jesus, sending him on his way with a few anti-gay epithets delivered in a loving voice.

Sookie, Arlene and Holly complain about men at Merlotte's. Jason arrives to tell Sookie about the faerie nightclub. Sookie commands Jason to take her to the location.

Sam finds Andy and demands that he help him find the group of men hunting shifters.

Alcide returns to the Shreveport pack's barn, where Martha's husband JD is messing around with one of the younger females. Alcide walks in and asks JD if Martha knows about this. JD then tells Alcide that him and Martha have an understanding about who they mess around with. JD tells Alcide that he isn't welcome because he chose not to be part of the pack. Alcide counters that he never left the pack and that he knows JD has been juicing on V. Alcide says he's taking on the role of packmaster to prevent JD from bringing down the pack. JD reveals that he has already been made packmaster. Alcide asks how and JD says that no one has challenged him. Alcide issues a challenge but JD laughs and says that he can't without a second to back him up. After a pause, Rikki stands up as Alcide's second. Alcide leaves JD with an instruction, "Just tell me a time and place."

Bill and Eric return to the Authority, where their harnesses are removed and Roman toasts them with rare, 18th-century Austrian hemophiliac blood. Salome tells Eric that Nora confessed to being a Sanguinista while they were gone, much to Eric's surprise. Roman informs Eric and Bill that they have proven their loyalty by delivering Russell. Bill plays along, but Eric will only say he's a "pacifist." Roman laughs and tells Eric that he's too cool to admit he believes in anything but himself. Salome tries to excuse herself by saying that she wants to interrogate Russell, but Roman tells her not to bother. He announces that they're going to execute him as soon as possible. Salome seems upset about this decision, but offers to give him an extra dose of intravenous silver and bring him forth. Eric asks to visit Nora in her cell, telling Roman that she's his sister, surprising the assembly. Eric assures Roman that he'll be present for the execution.

Terry finds Arlene at Merlotte's and tells her everything that happened in Iraq including the curse. She's shocked, but not as shocked as when Terry tells her that he's being hunted by an evil smoke monster, and that he has to leave her to save her. Arlene says that she'll help him, because her kids depend on them, but that he needs to get back on his meds. Terry tries to drive home the point that if he stays with them, they'll all die. Arlene tells him that he needs to go, and Terry thanks her for taking a chance on him before leaving.

Jason takes Sookie to the field where the faerie club manifested, and at first she doesn't see anything. She senses the club and walks through the invisible entrance. Jason can't follow her at first, but then she pulls him in. Inside Sookie finds Hadley with Claude.

Andy visits the weapons store to investigate the shifter hunters. As Andy questioning the clerk, Junior, Sam walks in and peruses the equipment. Junior is concerned about Sam. As he is talking to Andy, he slowly reaches under the counter and pulls out a loaded gun. Before he can aim it, Sam puts a crossbow bolt through his chest. Shocked, Andy thanks Sam for saving his life. Sam explains that he could sense the man shifting into survival mode.

Outside of Fangtasia, a vampire is draining Hoyt. He stops because Hoyt's heart is slowing down, but Hoyt shrugs and tells him to keep going. "To your funeral," the vamp says, and leans in to keep drinking. A van pulls up and a man in an Obama mask leans out of the window. He shoots the vamp with a wooden bullet, delivering the True Death. Surprised, Hoyt's eyes fly open. One of the attackers recognizes him. They grab Hoyt and pull him into their van, saying that they have saved his life.

Jason and Sookie quiz Claude inside the faerie club. Sookie asks if it's true that vampires killed her mother and father. Claude says that he only knows what Claudine told him: an Unknown Vampire ambushed their parents because he was drawn to something he smelled in the back seat of their car. In a flashback, Sookie's parents stop their car on a bridge so they don't hit a man standing in the middle of the road. The man riffles through their backseat, finding a bandage with Sookie's blood on it. Sookie angrily says that she doesn't believe Claude. She tries to manifest her photokinesis but it fails, and a group of faeries in the bar shoot their own beams at her as she screams.

Eric stands outside Nora's cell but she is so busy praying that she doesn't notice him. A harnessed, screaming Russell is dragged by, and Salome leans towards the bars, telling her that Russell is about to be executed. Nora's eyes open and she suddenly looks ecstatic. "It's happening. It's finally happening," Nora says. "God's plan, made manifest by her. Thank you Lilith. Thank you, she who transcends death." Eric, suddenly dismayed, asks Nora if she released Russell. She says no, that it's a miracle, all part of "her plan." Eric rushes back to the execution.

Russell is already on his knees in the main chamber, cursing Roman and the Authority. He yells that he gorges on blood because he likes it. Roman pats him on the head and checks his smartphone as Russell tells him he was an arrogant pain even in the Renaissance, and accuses Roman of executing him to satisfy his ego. Roman silences him with a raging bellow. "This is about order, instead of chaos," Roman screams. "This is about mercy, instead of sadism. This is about balance. This is about peace." Roman clicks the app on his phone that's supposed to activate the harness, but nothing happens. In a heartbeat, Russell is on his feet and slams Roman down on the table, and has a stake raised above his head. He shouts "Peace is for pussies!" Russell slams the stake into Roman's chest. Roman face twists with a scream as his True Death comes.

In her cell below, Nora Gainesborough throws her head back and raises her arms, her eyes closed in rapture. "Praise her," she whispers.


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  • "Bitch" - Plastiscines (plays as after Tara's and Jessica's fight.)
  • "Partner's In Crime" - Doozy (plays as Terry freaks out in the truck over the smoke monster and runs off.)
  • "Say Goodnight" - Five2 (plays as Arlene, Sookie and Holly gab about men at the food window.)
  • "Slow Movin' Man" - The Chillun (plays as Jason tells Sookie that their parents were killed by vampires.)
  • "Gaz Hilarant" - Brian Jonestown Massacre (plays as Alcide shows up at the Wolves barn to confront JD.)
  • "Reaching For Salvation" - Sugaray (plays as Terry tells Arlene that he is cursed and tells her what happened in Iraq.)
  • "Aberdeen" - Orb Mellon (plays as Terry tells Arlene that if he stays, she and the kids will die.)
  • "I Got (What U Need)" - Galactic (plays as Jason brings Sookie to the fairy club.
  • "Atom Smashing" - Acucrack (plays as Hoyt's being fed by a vampire outside Fangtasia when two vampire killers arrive.)
  • "Hopeless" - Percy Mayfield (plays over the end credits.)


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Memorable QuotesEdit

Eric Northman: "Lilith can fucking blow me."

Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: (to Tara) "You did good out there, the fighting. Made me proud... proud the way a human is proud of a well-trained dog. Nothing more."

Roman Zimojic: "Not that I know too much about these fancy antique bloods. All I know is that it cost a fucking fuck-load of money!"

Russell Edgington:

  • "I wanna gorge on human blood not because some fucking bible tells me to, but because I like it. It's fun. It makes my dick hard."
  • (to Sookie) "You're just what the doctor ordered, my twee faerie vixen. (Sookie blasts him with her photokinesis, throwing him against the wall.  He laughs.) There is that aspect of you... which I loathe."
  • "You're fucking worse than humans. You might as well be praying to leprechauns or unicorns or the motherfucking Kardashians. That makes just as much sense."

Memorable DialogueEdit

Molly - "'Kay, stand still. Don't wanna accidentally activate this thing. Wouldn't that be ironic?"
Eric Northman - "But funny." (about the iStake).




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Episode # Episode Title Viewers (in millions)
#5.06 (54) "Hopeless" 4.63

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