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Hotshot, Louisiana is a town located in the fictitious Renard Parish (Louisiana's equivalent to saying "Renard County") on the HBO original series True Blood. A small rural Southeastern town, most of its residents are werepanthers who live in slightly degradated and dilapidated structures.


Location-renard parish
Hotshot is located in Renard Parish, Louisiana. It is in between Minden and Shreveport. "Renard" is French for fox.


Season 3Edit

Hotshot is inhabited by a pack of werepanthers, such as Calvin, Felton, and Crystal Norris. Calvin Norris is the leader of the Hotshot pack and the small town isn't home to any humans. Other towns in the Parish include Clarice and Bon Temps.

Season 4Edit

Jason Stackhouse keeps his word to Crystal and returns to Hotshot to take care of her people.


Hotshot is a small town suffering from extreme degradation. A slummy, somewhat rundown little town, most of its structures consist of single-wide mobile homes and makeshift structures consisting of tarpaulins draped over metal pole roof rafters.


Hotshot isn't only a brand name of roach and ant killer, which the residents probably could have used a few cans of, it's also an English word meaning an important or exceptionally able person. It generally refers to someone who thinks they are better than everyone else.

Known ResidentsEdit

Notable LocationsEdit



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