Season 2Edit



In Season 2, Hoyt gets his first girlfriend, a newbie vampire called Jessica who is Bill Compton's progeny. They meet in Merlotte's one night and go back to Bill and Jessica's house. Bill returns home and, believing Jessica was going to feed on Hoyt, becomes angry. Bill throws Hoyt out of his house telling Hoyt it wasn't Jessica he was worried about.


Jessica, Hoyt, and Maxine.

Hoyt reassures Jessica he doesn't believe Bill. ("Scratches")

"Hard-Hearted Hannah"Edit

Hoyt is upset when his mother voices objections to the relationship. ("Hard-Hearted Hannah")

"Release Me"Edit

When Hoyt's mother Maxine cuts off his cellphone service, Hoyt becomes angry and goes all the way to Dallas to apologize to Jessica and explain why he hasn't phoned. Jessica is touched at the thought and they both proceed to lose their virginities to each other. ("Release Me")

"I Will Rise Up"Edit

When Hoyt and Jessica return to Bon Temps, Maxine is furious at Hoyt for going away, but he has had enough of his overbearing mother and tells her so. He points out that she is small-minded and prejudiced toward vampires. Hoyt tells Maxine in no uncertain terms that he will leave home if she doesn't accept Jessica. Desperate not to lose him, Maxine reluctantly agrees.

They all meet up in Merlotte's bar. Hoyt is angry with Maxine for being late but Jessica defends her. However when Maxine makes nasty comments and reduces Jessica to tears, Hoyt tells Maxine that he is moving out. ("I Will Rise Up")

"New World in My View"Edit

Maxine, under Maryann's spell, calls Hoyt and Jessica a lot of names. Jessica can take no more and attacks Maxine.

Furious, Hoyt pulls her off and breaks up with Jessica on the spot taking Maxine home. ("New World in My View")


At home, Hoyt struggles to control Maxine who is still under Maryann's influence. Furious at not being allowed to join Maryann's party, Maxine admits to Hoyt the truth: His father wasn't shot by burglars--he died from shooting himself. ("Frenzy")

"Beyond Here Lies Nothin'"Edit

When Maxine comes out of the spell, Hoyt asks her if it's true and Maxine admits that it is. Devastated, Hoyt leaves and moves in with Jason. ("Beyond Here Lies Nothin'")

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