Season 5Edit

"Turn! Turn! Turn!"Edit

At Merlotte's, Hoyt and the road crew are eating lunch at the same time as Jason Stackhouse and Andy Bellefleur. Jason tries to talk to the road crew, but they continue to tease him and call him "girlfriend fucker". Hoyt tells Jason to "get the fuck out of my face". ("Turn! Turn! Turn!")

"Authority Always Wins"Edit

At Maxine's house Hoyt is under the sink fixing it. Jason shows up and tries to speak to Hoyt, but he still won't talk to him. He says that instead of living with his mom, he can stay at his house, and he'll stay at Sookie's. Hoyt doesn't want any part of Jason's friendship anymore and kicks him out. On the way out, Maxine pretends to be mad at Jason, but at the door, she says thank you for splitting up Hoyt and Jessica and that she will even make him a pie. ("Authority Always Wins")

"Whatever I Am, You Made Me"Edit

Hoyt Fortenberry S5

Hoyt walks in to Fangtasia wearing eyeliner and Goth clothes. Pam tells him that the look will surely get him eaten alive. Hoyt counters that is what he's hoping for. ("Whatever I Am, You Made Me")

"Let's Boot and Rally"Edit

Hoyt runs into Tara Thornton in the back alley behind Fangtasia and he offers himself to her but she tells him to go home to his mama. He is seen later with Tara again in the bathroom of Fangtasia feeding on Hoyt against his will. Jessica Hamby hears from the next stall and they fight over him. ("Let's Boot and Rally")


Hoyt watches the fight from the corner of Fangtasia until Pam breaks it up. Hoyt finds Jessica sulking and tells her that he knows that she still loves him. Jessica tells Hoyt that this is pathetic but Hoyt goes on, insisting that Jessica still cares for him. He inflames Jessica's anger and she jumps on him. He asks her to glamour him, bite him, or do anything she wants to him. She says that he is not himself and leaves. Hoyt then gets up and yells out "This is me dammit!!"

Outside of Fangtasia, a vampire is draining Hoyt. He stops because Hoyt's heart is slowing down, but Hoyt shrugs and tells him to keep going. "To your funeral," the vamp says, and leans in to keep drinking. A van pulls up and a man in an Obama mask leans out of the window. He shoots the vamp with a wooden bullet, delivering the True Death. Surprised, Hoyt's eyes fly open. One of the attackers recognizes him. They grab Hoyt and pull him into their van, saying that they have saved his life. ("Hopeless")

"In the Beginning"Edit

The vampire hate group take him back to their house and talk about how vampires came out of the coffin and the media embraced it. Hoyt says he feels more at home than ever in the hate group. They continue to talk about Jessica Hamby, convincing him to hate her and that their love was fake under her "spell". ("In the Beginning")

"Somebody That I Used to Know"Edit

Hoyt is brought to a remote compound by his new redneck buddies. They show him that they've captured Jessica. They want him to kill her with some silver and wooden bullets. They lock him in a room with her and refuse to open the door until he kills her.

Hoyt asks Jessica why she stopped loving him. She says she wanted to love him, even going so far as to pray that the feelings would return, but it just never happened. The lone member of the group still watching them hears a shot from the room. He unlocks the door and Jessica breaks his neck. Since it's daylight Jessica can't leave, so Hoyt goes for help.

Hoyt is slowly making his way back to civilization. A car pulls up alongside him and the driver sticks a gun in his face. ("Somebody That I Used to Know")

"Everybody Wants to Rule the World"Edit

Hoyt's unconscious body is dragged alongside a pigpen by his assailant.

Sookie wakes up to find herself bound next to a pigpen. She looks over at Hoyt lying unconscious. Based on his thoughts, she believes that he has been drugged. One of the Obamas walks into the room.

Jason, Andy, Sam, and Luna are able to determine that Bud Dearborne is involved with the Obamas. They raid his pig farm in time to save Sookie and Hoyt. Hoyt is taken to the hospital with a weak pulse. ("Everybody Wants to Rule the World")

"Gone, Gone, Gone"Edit

Hoyt meets with Jessica and Jason in Merlotte's to tell them that he is moving to Alaska. He asks a last favor of Jessica; glamouring away all memory of her and Jason.

When Hoyt is driving out of town, Jason pulls him over and tries to convince him to stay. He fails because Hoyt can't remember him. This leaves Jason in tears as his best friend leaves Bon Temps. ("Gone, Gone, Gone")

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