Season 7Edit

"Death is Not the End"Edit

After Maxine Fortenberry is killed by Violet Mazurski, Hoyt receives a call from Jason Stackhouse while working on his assigned oil-drilling ship in Anchorage, Alaska. Jason cordially addresses Hoyt as "Mr. Fortenberry" and addresses himself as "Deputy Stackhouse," all on account of Hoyt's memories of Jason having been glamoured away.  Hoyt immediately begins to weep after being told the news of his mother's death, recounting that she had correctly stated that she would die if he left. Overcome with emotion, Jason addresses Hoyt by his nickname "Bubba," and tells him not to blame himself for her death. Confused, Hoyt asks Jason if they know each other. Jason hesitates, and sadly replies that they do not.   He tells Hoyt to call the sheriff's office when he arrives in town to arrange transportation. Hoyt thanks him, and they end the call.  Jason marvels to Sookie over how polite Hoyt was for thanking him for such a devastating phone call. ("Death is Not the End")

"May Be the Last Time"Edit

Hoyt and brigette

Hoyt returns to Bon Temps with a new girlfriend.

Hoyt returns to Bon Temps and pulls up to what he thinks is still Merlotte's, but is now Bellefleur's. He exits the car with his new girlfriend, Brigette. As they enter the establishment, Arlene Fowler (the new owner) is surprised and happy to see Hoyt. From a quick exchange. Arlene is understandably puzzled as to why Hoyt does not appear to remember Jason, who had been his best friend. She calls Jason to inform him that Hoyt is in her bar. Jason later enters Bellefleur's and is immediately attracted to Brigette, much to his dismay. He composes himself and introduces himself to Hoyt, who apparently doesn't remember their encounter during the fake traffic stop the night before Hoyt left for Alaska. Hoyt introduces himself and Brigette. Jason later takes them to the morgue to view Maxine's body. Hoyt begins to blame himself for not having been there to protect his mother, and starts crying. Brigette tries to console him, and signals to Jason to come into the room. He awkwardly enters the room. Brigette whispers to Jason if he had known Maxine; he replied that he had. She then asks if he would talk to Hoyt, as someone who had known his mother. Jason agrees, but before Jason can offer any real words of encouragement, Hoyt asks him how his mother had been killed. Jason begins to explain the mob mentality led by Vince McNeil. When Hoyt asks if Maxine had been part of the mob, Jason lies and says that Maxine had been an innocent bystander. Hoyt then asks if the police had killed Maxine's vampire killer. Jason again lies and states that they had. Hoyt suddenly hugs Jason out of gratitude, who becomes even more uncomfortable when Brigette hugs the both of them from behind Jason. ("May Be the Last Time")

"Almost Home"Edit

Jessica hoyt bloodbag

Hoyt reconnects with Jessica.

While cooing over Hoyt's baby pictures, Brigette makes a passing comment about their future children together, to which he coldly replies that he is not in the mood to be thinking about starting a family while grieving over the loss of his mother. This leads to an argument that ends with Brigette storming off, just as Jason has received ominous text messages from Violet, indicating that she is holding Jessica and Adilyn Bellefleur hostage. Brigette stubbornly insists on leaving with Jason, who tries to convince her that it is not safe. Hoyt makes a half-hearted attempt to apologize, but Jason doesn't have time for the annoying domestic squabble; he tells Brigette to buckle her seat belt and drives off in a hurry. Hoyt follows them to Violet's mansion and takes the gun that Jason gave Brigette to try and save Jason. When he sees Violet about to torture Adilyn, Wade, Jessica and Jason, he shoots her in the heart, delivering the True Death and saving her four prisoners from a grisly death. Not knowing that he had returned to town, Jessica stares at Hoyt in enamored astonishment and asks Jason "Where'd he come from?"  Later, she approaches Hoyt to thank him, and there is an obvious attraction between them, even though he doesn't remember her. He confesses his attraction to Jason the next day at Bellefleur's, and when he is told about her maker Bill's terminal status, he generously donates his blood to him. He takes his blood to the Compton House later that day and reconnects with Jessica, telling her that he knows the pain of losing a parent, and wants to help her cope in any way he can. It is obvious that Jessica's feelings for him have returned. ("Almost Home")

"Love is to Die"Edit

Jessica and hoyt get back together

Hoyt and Jessica reunite.

Later that night, a jealous Brigette asks Hoyt about his relationship with Jessica, to which he honestly replies that he does not know her, and that he had visited her home because he had known her maker, Bill Compton, who is now dying of Hep-V. Brigette begins to apologize for taking an accusatory tone with him, until Jessica appears at their door and begins to tell Hoyt the truth about their past. Brigette believes that Hoyt has been keeping secrets from her, and tests his loyalty by telling him that if he wants to speak with Jessica, he must do it outside (even though she was inside his house). But if he chose to step outside with Jessica, he was essentially their relationship. Given such a ridiculous ultimatum, Hoyt breaks up with Brigette so that he can learn the truth about his hidden past. Jessica then tells him about their past relationship and of their nasty break-up. She reveals that he doesn't remember any of it because he had asked her to glamour away all of his memories. Meanwhile, Brigette calls Jason and asks to be picked up from Hoyt's house, mentioning that Jessica is there speaking with Hoyt. Jason races over to tell his side of the story, but gets knocked out by an angry Hoyt, just as he had when he confessed his affair with Jessica the first time. Later that evening, Jessica tells Hoyt that they broke up mainly because she had entered a serious relationship so soon after being made a vampire, and had not given herself the chance to explore the many-facet aspects of her darker nature. She tells him that she now realizes that she wants to be with him again, and the two make love. ("Love is to Die")

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