Hunter Souffle (click for animation)

Hunter Souffle was a dish found on the HBO original series True Blood. The souffle, created by maenad Maryann Forrester, required one special ingredient - Daphne Landry's heart.


Tara and Eggs arrive at the Stackhouse residence to be greeted by a waiting Maryann. As usual they suspect nothing as she tenderly gives them the souffle allowing them to consume it. Eggs and Tara initially suspect nothing because earlier that morning Maryann came in the house with a dead rabbit in her hands that she claimed she planned to cook.

The two seem to enjoy the souffle greatly laughing and giggling uncontrollably as they consumed the dish. Afterwards Tara and Eggs begin to assault each other both physically and verbally. During this Tara hits Eggs and kicks him in the groin which causes his pupils to turn all black, the same happens to Tara when Eggs slaps her in response.

Afterwards they both end up on the floor on top of each other while both laughing and making out, both of them seemingly under the influence of Maryann as she watches from afar in the kitchen smiling.


The Hunter Souffle was a dish prepared by the maenad Maryann Forrester.

Season 2Edit

The souffle turned Tara Thornton and Eggs Talley into a state of maddened frenzy once it was consumed, having a very similar effect to that of her influence. ("Timebomb")