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I Wish I Was the Moon

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"I Wish I Was the Moon"
Season 4, Episode 06
Air date July 31, 2011
Written by Raelle Tucker
Directed by Jeremy Podeswa
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"Me and the Devil"
"Cold Grey Light of Dawn"

"I Wish I Was The Moon" is the sixth episode of Season 4 of True Blood, and the 42nd episode overall.


Sookie searches for Jason under a full moon; Marnie connects with spirits of the past; Arlene and Terry cope with a suspicious inferno; Debbie urges Alcide to join a new werewolf community; Tommy trades places with Sam; Lafayette feels the spirit in Mexico; Eric surrenders to his King's will.


"You're a Viking vampire god and you bow to no one!"- Pam

Ericthrows BillSeason4

Eric throws Bill (click for animation)

Last week Pam revealed that she knew what happened to Eric, this week opened with Eric and Sookie in the middle of their kiss and Bill barging in and arresting Eric on the grounds of treason and that he has been infected by Marnie. He seeks council from Nan Flanagan, requesting that Eric meets the true death.

On the other side of Bon Temps, Arlene and Terry's house is going up in flames and it all has to do with baby Mikey and that Creepy doll. We do however get our first look at who Mikey is talking/playing with, and one thing is for sure, it is not Rene, in fact, it seems to be a ghost that only he can see.


Later, Andy comes by the help with the homes that were burnt. He lifts a chair for Holly and asks her out on a date. Holly accepts.

Tonight’s episode was all about the full moon, and with the full moon comes shifter and weres, and it's truth time on whether Jason is actually turning into a werepanther, and it looks like the answer (at least for now) is no. According to Alcide and Debbie, the only way to become a were or shifter is if both or at least one of your parents passes on the gene to you.

The biggest discovery of the night is we now know who “The Witch” Marnie has been channeling is. Her name is Antonia, who was has an understandable hatred to all vampires due to her torture and eventual death at the hands of Spanish vampires who impersonated Spanish priests. It seems Luis Patiño (another vampire sheriff) was one of those vamps who tortured her and she looks to have him under her control by the episode's end.

S4 ep.6 12

Lafayette ends up temporally possessed by “Tio Luca” in order to save Jesus from a rattlesnake bite, which was inflicted by Jesus' Grandfather in order to teach Lafayette a lesson.

Jessica and Jason now share a blood bond, which alerts Jessica to Jason’s fear tonight when he thinks he is going to turn into a werepanther. Debbie joins the Shreveport pack behind Alcide’s back, forcing Alcide to “run” with the pack during the full moon.

Naomi comes to Bon Temps, Louisiana in search of Tara and finds her at Lafayette's home. She is angry at first, but after an explanation from Tara on her true identity, she aggressively tackles her to the ground, where the two begin to make out. Later, Tara brings Naomi to Merlotte's. In the parking lot, as they are getting ready to leave, an angry, rotting Pam surprises them. Tara pushes Naomi out of the way as Pam charges towards them, fangs bared.


Tommy ends up shifting into Sam after killing the former's parents. Tommy ends up firing Sookie and sleeping with then kicking out Luna. Sam walks into to find Tommy passed out in a pool of his own vomit.

The episode ends with Eric returning to Sookie in the woods. He states that Bill set him free. Eric and Sookie share a great kiss and end up making love in the middle of the woods in the moonlight.





This is the first episode of the series to go past its one-hour mark, at 65 minutes.

Bloopers and continuity errors

Featured music

  • "Las Olas Del Mar" - El Son Que Faltaba
  • "What I'd Do" - Lance Miller
  • "Brand New Man" - Brooks & Dunn
  • "Hide Me" - Hayes Carll
  • "The Soul of a Man Never Dies" - John Hatton
  • "KMA Mexico" - The Spares
  • "I Wish I Was the Moon" - Neko Case

Memorable quotes

  • Sookie toBill:"You've been running around sticking your fangs in who knows what else in every girl in town. But the second I move on, you arrest him."
  • Bill to Sookie: "He is a liar and a master manipulator and he would do or say anything to make you his."

  • Eric: "Tell her I was born the night she found me, and because of her, I went to my true death knowing what it means to love. Tell her thank you."

  • Sookie to Jason: "I should have known. This is a sex thing isn't it?"

  • Jason: "I'm a police officer and a werepanther! Back off!"

  • Eric: "According to my progeny, I am a barbarian thug who has never respected your authority."

  • Pam: "We traveled the world together. Killing, fuckin', and laughing."

  • Eric: "She still cares for ya. I saw it last night. When I'm gone, I hope you two find your way back to each other. Because she deserves happiness with whoever can give it to her."

  • Pam: "Spare me the dyke in the woods routine. Girls, don't squabble. There's plenty of me to go around."

  • Pam: "He's a self-loathing, power-hungry, pompous little dork and you hate his guts!"

  • Sam: “If you don't shut the fuck up and stop fuckin’ with me, I'm gonna turn into a doberman and chew off your goddamn face.”
  • Naomi:"You said there was nothing left for you here" Pam: "Now that`s a rotten thing to say. Rotten. Get it?"

  • Eric: "It smells like death in here."
  • Pam: "It's me."
  • Eric: "Pam?"
  • Pam: "They found you because of me. I f***ed up royally. I'm sorry."



Speciel guest starring

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