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Imp Shaloop

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Ted, or the "Imp Shaloop" a character first seen in the first issue of the Comic Book Series created to complement the HBO original series True Blood.


TedHuman Form

Imp Shaloop in human form, as "Ted".

Imp Shaloop is an Indian trickster spirit. He feeds off human shame and is also a Telepath. Out of human form, he grows various large tentacles that are used to squeeze people to death. Before Bon Temps existed, creatures of all kinds lived in the Everlasting Bayou. The original people feared Imp's mother, and worshiped her.

They knew her to be a spirit of tricks, who sometimes led people astray in a playful way. The only time she would inflict pain, was to teach a lesson. As time passed, settlers came and took over the bayou, killing creatures and spreading disease. Imp's mother became ill. Imp used what his mother had taught him, and disguised himself as a native child, and sought out the only person he knew who could possibly help. Imp sought the help of Eric Northman, however the situation meant nothing to Eric. Angry, Imp vowed to seek revenge.

The Imp Shallop's tentacles are immensely powerful, more so than vampires. They also seem to be able to drain the life out of creatures, human or vampire, in their embrace. An Imp Shallop is also capable of isolating an area from the outside world by creating an impassable barrier.

The only Imp Shaloops mentioned in the series are Ted, his mother and another named Larry.

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