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Lorena Krasiki - Progeny (destroyed) †
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Jessica Hamby - Vampire great-granddaughter
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"I am not István!"
―Lorena Krasiki, to Bill Compton[src]

István was an unseen male vampire on the HBO original series True Blood. Originally from Hungary, István is the maker of the once innocent Lorena Krasiki, and was mentioned only on the episode "I Got a Right to Sing the Blues" in the series' third season.


István was an embodiment of vampiric savagery. His sadism and malice were such that he was able to turn Lorena from an innocent and loving girl into a horrifically vicious and nefarious vampire. He supposedly forced his progeny to watch as he abducted victims and proceeded to "defile [them] in unspeakable ways".



István is originally from Hungary. He is the vampire who turned Lorena Krasiki into a vampire.

Season 3Edit

"I Got a Right to Sing the Blues"Edit

He used Lorena to entice men into her chamber, and then he would "defile them in unspeakable ways" according to Bill Compton. It is unknown why Lorena left him, but it is most likely because she had fallen in love with Bill and didn't want any harm to come to her progeny. István's current whereabouts, and whether or not he's still alive, are unknown. ("I Got a Right to Sing the Blues")


István is a Hungarian name and means Stephen.


  • István could be a Sanguinista, taking into account his treatment of humans.
  • István as a Hungarian name can be a reference to the infamous Count Dracula, as his original name was Vlad Țepeș, and it is falsely believed that Vlad is the Slavic name for István. The Slavic name for István is, however, usually various forms of Ștefan. The infamous lord was, as the character in True Blood, born in Segesvár, Hungary. This is also in correlation with the facts and horror stories, that István/Vlad/Dracula was a sadist.
  • Ironically, István I. (also known as Saint Stephen the Great) was also the first King of Hungary and the one who introduced christianity to the still pagan Hungarians in the late 10th century A.D. He was crowned in the year 1000 A.D. at the turn of the millennium.

Mentioned inEdit

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