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Jason's house

Location Information
Stackhouse Family


Jason's house refers to the small, single-story dwelling owned by protagonist Sookie Stackhouse's brother Jason on the HBO original series True Blood. Currently owned by Jason Stackhouse, the house formerly belonged to his parents, Corbett and Michelle.

Jason's best friend since childhood, Hoyt Fortenberry, moved in with Jason because his mom, Maxine, was nagging him all the time.


The house is located somewhere outside of the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana.


Jason kept all the furniture as his parents left it before they died. He has however brought new things to replace broken things. He simply kept the broken things near their original place. After the death of his parents, Jason and his sister moved in with their Gran. When he turned 18, he moved straight back to his mother and father's home. It is likely that the house was dormant for the seven years Jason did not live there.


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