A newly made Jessica.

Jessica appears during a meeting of the 'Tribunal' where the Magister was passing his sentence onto Bill Compton. Unknown to her, Bill had staked Longshadow and was ordered to create a new vampire. Surrounded by vampires and the Magister, Bill bites and turns Jessica into a vampire. Jessica is buried with her Maker, completing her transformation into a vampire. Her new condition did not depress her. In fact, she was overjoyed by the new world now available to her. No more Christian music, no more church, no more clarinet, and no more of her father's belt. More than anything, Jessica was eager to explore her new senses, hunting skills, the opportunity to be evil and naughty, to dance at a bar and dress inappropriately.


Her maker Bill initially left her in the care of Eric Northman, the vampire Sheriff of Area 5, as he had other matters to attend to. Jessica didn't mind as Eric and his own progeny, Pam, taught her how to feed like 'a real vampire'. The rules were lax, and she was allowed to dress and act as she wanted. For the first time in her life, there were no restrictions on what she could do or say.

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