"He loves me so much it hurts to even think about it, but I don't love him the same. If I was human I would"
―Jessica about Hoyt[src]

Jessica and Hoyt are seen living together for over a year. There is obvious tension when Hoyt arrives home. He gets angry at Jessica for not cooking him dinner, after working all day. Later, Hoyt brings Jessica to Fangtasia for a date night. ("She's Not There") Protesters outside of Fangtasia antagonize customers as Pam looks on with a wan smile. Jessica and Hoyt try to leave, but one of them insults Jess, calling her a whore, while another records the exchange on a cell phone camera. Hoyt steps in to defend her honor and one of the protesters picks a fight. Hoyt gets pummeled. Jessica moves to help him but Pam holds her back, musing that technology has taken all the fun out of being a vampire.

Hoyt is nursing his cuts and bruises at the house he shares with Jessica. Feeling bad for him, she offers some of her blood so he can heal faster. Hoyt declines, saying he doesn't need "that sh*t." Jess is insulted, and asks where the keys to his car are. He's distressed that she's running off on him, but tosses her the keys anyway. She tells him she's going to the drug store to get him some Advil. But at the fork in the road, instead of driving to Bon Temps, she heads to Shreveport and Fangtasia.

As soon as she enters, she approaches the young guy she saw while there with Hoyt. She feeds on him in the bathroom. Sookie, who is also there, confronts Jessica. She quickly tells Sookie to mind her own business. ("You Smell Like Dinner")


Jessica, circa 2009

Feeling guilty for biting another human, Jessica goes to her maker Bill for advice. She returns home to tell Hoyt the truth. Hurt and angry, Hoyt and Jessica argue before she decides to glamour him into forgetting. ("If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?") Hoyt and Jessica are driving in their truck when they spot Jason collapsed on the side of the road. Jessica runs toward Jason and makes him drink her blood. The headlights from the truck causing a beautiful glow around Jessica, as Jason opens his eyes and sees her. ("I'm Alive and on Fire")

Jessica and Hoyt put Jason in his bed and let him sleep. Hoyt thanks Jessica for saving his best friend's life. He tries to kiss her, but Jessica is cold and distant. Hoyt asks what's wrong, but Jessica swears nothing is wrong. Hoyt still feels as though something's wrong. Hoyt stays with Jason and Jessica leaves. Later, Jason has a sexual dream about Jessica, and Hoyt seems to keep interrupting. ("Me and the Devil")

Jessica confides in Bill.

Bill called Jessica to tell her about Antonia's plan. He silvered her and himself to prevent falling under Marnie's influence, but Jessica broke her chains and killed the guard Bucky to get the key to the cell. She manages to get to the ground floor, unlock and throw open the front doors. ("Cold Grey Light of Dawn") Just as Jessica is about to walk out into the sunlight, Jason tackles her back inside the house. He kicks the doors shut but is attacked by Jessica. Fortunately, Antonia and her coven cease their necromancy and the spell over Jessica fades. She kisses Jason, thanking him for saving her life.

After she is put back in her chains, Jessica has a dream about breaking up with Hoyt (killing him in the process) and getting in Jason's truck. In reality, Jessica does go over to break it off, but Hoyt Fortenberry ends it on his own, kicking her out of their house in the process and going on a vampire-hating rampage & drinking binge. She goes to Jason, wanting to be with him, but gets a completely different reaction. He takes back his invitation, making her fly out of the house. ("Spellbound") With nowhere else to go, Jessica stays with Bill. She cries out her troubles to Nan, who tells her that after listening to her whining, she's now glad with her decision not to become a maker. ("Let's Get Out of Here")

The next night, Hoyt sends Jason over to Jessica with a box holding all her stuff. She takes the box and invites Jason in, but Jason tries to resist, not thinking it's a good idea. The next moment, we see them together in the bed of Jason's pickup truck, having sex. ("Let's Get Out of Here") At Bill's house, Jessica tells Jason that they didn’t do anything wrong. Jason confides that he defended Hoyt all through school and is obviously feeling guilty. He asks her to glamour him so he doesn’t remember. She’s offended and refuses to do it. She leaves to find a human to eat saying "Fucking Humans". ("Burning Down the House")

Bill brings Jessica to the Moon Goddess Emporium to destroy the witches. They are accompanied by Pam and Eric. ("Burning Down the House")


Jessica giving Jason her blood.

Eric, Pam, Bill and Jessica are getting ready to blow up Moon Goddess Emporium. Jesus, Lafayette, Sookie, Holly, Tara and the other witches are inside. All of them are terrified except for Marnie. She calmly insists that her spell will protect them and jokes about the situation. Her attitude causes Casey to get mad and attack her. Marnie, defending herself, flings a knife at her magically, killing her. ("Soul of Fire")

The vampires are ready to attack, they are interrupted by Jason who explains that Sookie is inside. This prompts Eric and Bill to say "F**kin' Sookie" causing Jason to stand up for his sister and he shows them the protection spell around the Emporium. Eric and Bill try to think of another way to get inside and how to disable the spell. Suddenly, Kirsch and Duprez come out of seemingly nowhere, attacking the vampires. Bill kills Duprez. He grabs a handful of the former sheriff, holding it over a subdued Kirsch in an attempt to snap her out of Marnie's mind control. Eric states she must be killed, but not before Pam pulls Kirsch's "vintage Cartier" necklace from her neck. A reluctant Bill asks if there is any way to break the conditioning, as it was done with Eric. Eric suggests it might be possible when Kirsch professes her loyalty to Antonia. Frustrated, Bill picks Kirsch up and slams her face first into the pavement, then calls out Marnie to break the spell on Kirsch. ("Soul of Fire")
Jessica and Bill Season4

Bill arrives to take out the witches

Holly and Sookie speak to Marnie Stonebrook and persuade her to negotiate with the vampires outside. She agrees, as long as Sookie goes with her. Once outside, she gives the "kill the king" command to Kirsch, who once again attacks Bill. Bill throws Kirsch into the force field, where she gets caught and burns to death. Marnie lets everyone know the force field is solar-powered, then tells Bill and Eric that she will free Sookie if they both kill themselves. They agree, but before they have chance to, Pam fires a rocket to stop them. The shield stops the rocket, which explodes towards those outside the shield. None of the vampires are seriously hurt, but the blast severely burns Jason. Jessica has to feed Jason some of her blood so that he can heal. Furious, Eric berates Pam for attacking Marnie with Sookie standing there, as Sookie could have been killed by the blast. ("Soul of Fire")

Marnie and Sookie go back inside and she tells her coven that they need to band together if they are going to survive the vampire attack (even though she only saw herself killed). Reluctantly, the others join her in a circle, even Sookie. Marnie casts a spell which causes the vampires to walk towards the shield, which will kill them. Jason tries to pull Jessica and Bill away from the shield. He cries to Sookie in his head for her to stop whatever is going on. Using her fairy powers, she breaks the spell. Lafayette and Jesus are able to separate Antonia's spirit from Marnie. Marnie cries in despair, seeing her grand scheme falling to pieces. ("Soul of Fire")

Outside, the vampires see the protection shield go down. Pam tries to apologize to Eric, saying she knew the rocket wouldn't penetrate the shield. Eric, still pissed, tells Pam to leave before he kills her. Shattered, Pam dashes away. Bill and Eric rush inside Moon Goddess to kill everyone, but Sookie stops them, telling them that the majority of people in there were being held hostage by Marnie. Bill aims a gun at Marnie but Roy stands in her way, saying they'll have to go through him to get to Marnie. Eric rushes up to him and pulls his heart out, sucking the blood from it like a straw in front of a horrified Marnie. Bill then takes aim at Marnie, who berates Bill saying "Nobody lives forever--not even you!" As the words leave her mouth, Bill shoots Marnie multiple times, including a final shot into her forehead. ("Soul of Fire")

Afterwards, Eric glamours several people in the area under Bill's orders. Jessica goes up to a now-healed Jason, who still claims he can't stop thinking about her, blood or not. He asks Jessica what to do, but she playfully tells him she doesn't know and walks away. ("Soul of Fire") Jessica runs over to Jason's house. He lets her in and she realizes that he told Hoyt about them. They proceed to make love on the sofa. Jessica tells Jason that she doesn't want to be his girlfriend because she doesn't want to hurt him like she did Hoyt. Jason agrees and they continue to make love. Afterwards they talk about their relationship. Jason asks if there's a part of him that's missing and she says that there isn't. She leaves after a few minutes. ("And When I Die")

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