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"Jason is Mine!"
―Jessica to Steve Newlin[src]

Jessica arrives at Jason's house and saves him from Steve Newlin's attack. She claims that she is the progeny of Bill Compton, the "King of Louisiana", and that he is out of town- which pretty much leaves her the "Queen". She also claims to Steve, "Jason is Mine!".

Later Jessica is having a party at Bill's house. Jason shows up and stays to party with the frat boys and the sorority girls. Jessica sings karaoke while Jason plays the guitar from Rockstar Hero. Zander interrupts them, and Jessica begins to make out with him. While Jason leaves with Cammy, Jessica watches - showing a tinge of jealousy. ("Turn! Turn! Turn!") While Jessica is having another party, Steve Newlin appears at the doorstep of Bill's house and wants to "purchase" Jason Stackhouse for $10,000. Jessica amuses the idea that Steve is willing to pay that much money for Jason, and asks for $20,000 instead. When Steve eventually agrees to it, Jessica tells him that she does not sell her friends. ("Authority Always Wins") While trying on dresses at a boutique, Tracy tells Jessica she doesn't have to try so hard to get Jason's attention. Jessica tells her that there is a lot more to Jason than what meets the eye and guesses that Jason broke up with Tracy a while back and that she should keep quiet if she wants her to keep spending "daddy's money." A mysterious guy walks in, and tells Tracy he is there to pick up a number of dresses for his sixteen sisters. Jessica proclaims that he smells wonderful, he quickly leaves, and she follows him to a field where he is nowhere to be found.

Later, she goes to Jason's house and tells him about this mysterious guy and how he smelt like "cotton candy, fresh bread and sex," and makes advances onto Jason. He tells her that he doesn't want to have sex and that she should leave because he doesn't know how to befriend girls; he only knows how to have sex with them. She tells him how she is his friend, and tells him she's going to sit down and listen to his problems. They both smile warmly. ("Whatever I Am, You Made Me")

S05E04 Jessica

Bill tells Jessica he did well as her Maker.

Jessica overhears the conversation Jason and Sookie are having about Debbie and Tara, and interrupts them surprised that Tara is a vampire. Later while Jason and Andy are talking about the Debbie Pelt case, Jessica uses vampire speed to enter the room and shortly after glamours Andy into forgetting about the case.

Jessica is helping Bill search the mansion for bugs that could have been used to hear his conversations. Bill finds a joint and asks Jessica about it, and she explains that she had some friends over, but nobody was killed or drained. Bill tells her that it's fine and that this is her house too. Jessica asks him if he is going to visit Sookie, because she has been having a hard time. He says that she took care of it with the sheriff, but to not make a habit out of it because Sookie tends to bring it out in people. He hugs her before he leaves, saying that he did a good job. ("We’ll Meet Again")

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At Fangtasia, Tara's seen admiring the atmosphere, wearing some of Pam's clothes. Pam takes note of this. Pam makes Tara the bartender as Fangtasia now belongs to Pam and they're understaffed. A heavy set vampire then asks Tara for a TruBlood while a human girl tries to flirt with Tara after she exposes her fangs. Tara suddenly snatches and feeds on her, to which Pam immediately stops, pinning her against the wall. Pam demands Tara to never feed on humans in public ever again as it brings the risk of being reported to the Authority. Pam reminds Tara she saved her life by making her a vampire but if she were to ever do anything to mess with Fangtasia, she'll silver Tara and stick her in a coffin to rot for the next millennium. Meanwhile, Jessica is watching the entire thing happening as Pam loosens her grip on Tara and walks away. Jessica approaches Tara at the bar and orders TruBlood. Jessica tells Tara that she knows what Tara’s feeling about her new impulses and can relate. Both girls share a bonding moment while they discuss Tara's wild emotions as a new vampire. Jessica then offers her friendship to Tara, and Tara seems to be into the idea. Tara tells her that her feelings to feed on humans are bad. Jessica assures her that those feelings are the opposite because it's part of who they are. Jessica then asks if Tara fed on a human, and she says yes and enjoyed it. Jessica then says that wait until Tara feeds on a human while having sex with them, as the feeling is amazing. Jessica then assures Tara that they're going to live and stay young forever and that the world is open to them. Tara seems to be fond of her words.
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Jessica vs Tara click for animation

Tara is feeding on Hoyt while Jessica feeds on the girl Tara attempted to publicly feed on earlier. When Hoyt begs Tara to stop, Jessica takes notices of this and pulls Tara off of him. Both girls begin to brawl in the bathroom. ("Let's Boot and Rally") At Fangtasia, Tara and Jessica are in a knock-down fist fight, which Pam watches for a bit with an amused smile before calling it off.

Hoyt finds Jessica sulking in the corner at Fangtasia and tells her that he knows that she still loves him. Jessica tells Hoyt that this is pathetic but Hoyt goes on, insisting that Jessica still cares for him. He inflames Jessica's anger and she jumps on him. He asks her to glamour him, bite him, or do anything she wants to him. She says that he is not himself and leaves. Hoyt then gets up and yells out "This is me Dammit!!" ("Hopeless")

A drunken Jason pays Jessica a visit. Jessica just stops feeding from a young man when she goes downstairs.
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Jason tells her about his parents being killed by a vampire and says he's going to find out who did it. Jessica supports him and tells Jason that not all vampires are alike. She then kisses him and Jason pulls back saying she tastes blood. He then asks if she just finished feeding from someone. Jessica apologizes but Jason is pissed and tells the human to come downstairs. The guy walks out but Jessica tells the man to go back in the room. Jason then yells at Jessica saying that she's no different from the vampire that killed his parents. An insulted and angered Jessica bites down on Jason's neck and Jason then shoots her in the head. Jessica screams in pain and suddenly all the guards run in asking if everything is okay aiming at Jason. Jessica is mad that Jason just shot her in the head and Jason tells her she'll heal. Then suddenly her bullet hole in her head heals. Jason then says he'll heal too and swipes Jessica's blood off his jackets and wipes it over his bite wounds that heal also. Jessica angrily throws him his jacket and tells him to get out of her mansion. ("In the Beginning")

A man seduces Jessica at the bar and the two leave together.

Hoyt is brought to a remote compound by his new redneck buddies. They show him that they've captured Jessica. They want him to kill her with some silver and wooden bullets. They lock him in a room with her and refuse to open the door until he kills her.

Hoyt asks Jessica why she stopped loving him. She says she wanted to love him, even going so far as to pray that the feelings would return, but it just never happened. The lone member of the group still watching them hears a shot from the room. He unlocks the door and Jessica breaks his neck. Since it's daylight Jessica can't leave, so Hoyt goes for help.

Sam, Andy and Luna arrive at the compound and find Jessica. Sam and Luna smell a human woman. Jessica is surprised Hoyt's not the reason they are there. ("Somebody That I Used to Know")

Jessica assures the police that Hoyt is not one of the anti-supernatural hate group. Jason arrives and Jessica says that she can no longer feel Hoyt. She's worried something has happened to him and that it will be her fault.
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With the sun about to come up Jessica leaves the police station. She makes Jason promise that he will find Hoyt. Jason and Andy determine a link between ex-sheriff Bud Dearborne and the Obamas. They raid his pig farm and find that he has taken Sookie and Hoyt prisoner. The Obamas are all either arrested or killed, their prisoners are rescued, and Hoyt is taken to the hospital with a weak pulse. ("Everybody Wants to Rule the World") Jessica arrives at Merlotte's and the bar quickly empties. The only two remaining customers, Cole and Bobbie, reach for concealed weapons. Sam and Lafayette get the drop on them and disarm them. They find that their weapons are loaded with wooden bullets, confirming their intention to kill a vampire, but let them go. Sam invites Jessica to sit wherever she likes. The gunmen barge into Jason as they flee the bar. He asks Sam what is going on before seeing that Jessica is there. He is concerned that she is there without her guards. She tells him that Bill stopped paying them so they left the mansion, adding that it is a good thing because they were starting to look tasty to her. They realize that they are both there at Hoyt's invitation just before he walks in.

Hoyt explains his plan to move to Alaska. Jessica and Jason try to convince him to stay, to no avail. He asks Jessica to glamour away all memory of both her and Jason before he leaves, so he can make a fresh start. Jessica is devastated by the finality of his request but obliges him. She tenderly imbues him with hope for a carefree life and a new, better first love. Jason and Jessica tearfully leave Hoyt alone in the booth.

Jessica returns to her empty mansion, reminiscing about her time with Hoyt. She is startled by the sound of splintering wood. The Authority Guard Captain has brought a team to take her to the authority headquarters. Jessica objects but the Captain shows her a video uplink with Bill and he commands her to obey. Annoyed, she puts on her shoes.

Jessica angrily demands an explanation on arriving at the Authority Headquarters. Bill says that he is trying to protect her. She asks if his concern is related to the Tru Blood bombings and if he is with the American Vampire League. He smiles enigmatically.

He gives her a tour of the facility, including the inner sanctum. Jessica is perturbed by his religious fervor, comparing him to her fundamentalist Christian parents. He asks her to read the vampire bible with an open mind and tells her that he believes that he is fated to lead their kind into the coming age.

The authority meet to discuss spreading their anti-human message. Russell brings up the possibility of day walking using the blood of faeries. He believes they should attempt to synthesize faerie blood just as they have done with human blood. Salome calls the suggestion blasphemy. Russell attacks her and announces his superiority over all of them, his native accent returning as he loses control of his emotions. He declares that they will not constrain him and speeds out of the room. ("Gone, Gone, Gone") Jessica finds Bill and tells him that she needs to warn Jason that Russell and Steve are after him. Bill rejects her request and explains that he has found Lilith, and that is against Lilith's word for a vampire and a human to be together. Quickly thinking, Jessica tells Bill that she will turn Jason into a vampire so that they can be together, as Lilith would approve. Bill warns her that he is not as naive as she thinks. He sends two of his guards with her to find Jason and ensure that she turns him. Jessica tries unsuccessfully to change his mind.

Jessica finds Jason and asks him if he trusts her. The guards tell Jessica that if she doesn't put him in the ground, they will. Jessica bites Jason and violently sucks his blood.

Jessica lies next to a still Jason in a grave as her guards begin to bury them. Jessica signals Jason and he suddenly shoots both guards dead with wooden bullets. Jason exclaims he has to warn Sookie about Russell, and Jessica tells him that if she was to spend eternity with anyone, she'd rather it be him.

Pam runs into Jessica in the bar and Jessica pleads for Pam to hide her. Pam refuses initially, but eventually relents after Jessica tells her where Eric is.

In the basement of Fangtasia, Tara, Jessica and Pam discuss Bill and Eric's behavior. Pam believes they have been affected by living in the Authority nest and drinking tainted blood. Jessica and Tara chat, as Jessica asks Tara if she "like" likes Pam because of the way she looks at her. Tara gets defensive and upset that Jessica is getting in her business. Jessica explains that she has no friends, and they make amends, solidifying their bond.

Rosalyn comes to Fangtasia knowing that her progeny Elijah Stormer was killed. She attacks Tara and accuses her. Pam claims that she killed Elijah. Rosalyn arrests Pam and takes her to the Authority headquarters. As they are leaving, Rosalyn senses Jessica and takes her in as well.

Jessica returns to the main chamber. Bill yet again tries to persuade her to follow the way of Lilith. She tells him that living in a nest with the Authority has made him go completely crazy. He slaps her across the room. ("Sunset") Jason, Sookie, Eric, and Tara infiltrate the authority headquarters to save their friends. Sookie and Tara free Jessica and Pam from the cells while Eric disables the security system. Jessica is amused when Pam passionately kisses Tara as they are reunited.

Jessica is thrilled to see Jason guarding the elevator lobby for their exit. She professes her love for him. He rejects her because she is a vampire. Eric sends most of the group in the elevator, warning them to expect more guards, then takes Sookie to find Bill. ("Save Yourself")

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