"Please bring him back to me. I need him. We all need him. "
―Jessica, to God about Bill[src]

Jason, Jessica, Tara, Pam and Nora escape through the stairwells. As they are leaving, the building explodes.

Eric and Sookie pull up next to the compound in a stolen authority SUV and pick up the rest in order to escape. Before they leave, the compound explodes. They see a blood covered Bill fly out from the burning wreckage just before speeding off themselves.

Eric and Sook to the rescure

Sookie and Eric pull up to save Nora's tiny rag-tag group.

As they continue their escape they hear an important news report on the radio from Governor Truman Burrell, declaring open season on vampires. Eric then stops the car at a desolate beach, saying he needs to speak with Nora in private.

Sookie goes to speak with Jessica to console her since Jason refuses. As Jason leaves the scene Jessica begins to look sick and cries out in pain. She says Bill is summoning her but this summoning is obviously more powerful than a normal one. As Eric tries to stop her from answering Bill's call she begins to puke blood all over Eric and drops to the ground writhing in pain. Jessica screams for Bill to stop and says it feels like his hands are crushing her heart so she rips her shirt revealing a dark black wound appearing on her chest. Sookie, not wanting Jessica to die, takes her to Bill with Eric and Nora following soon after.

Who Are You, Really Gallery6

Bill has a new power: stake-resistant.

Sookie arrives at the Compton house with Jessica who is falling apart. They follow bloody footprints inside the house only to wander to the back of the house and find Bill sitting peacefully in a rocking chair. Bill claims he just wants to talk when Nora and Eric fly in to kill him. Bill easily throws Nora across the porch and is close to killing Eric, easily overpowering him, when Sookie stakes him. Bill does not die, and pulls the stake from his chest. He says again he means no harm. Sookie tells him if that is true then he should leave and never come back. Before Bill can say anything Jessica turns on the group and tells them all to leave, Bill adds in by shaking the ground with his power to get them to leave.

Bill's Tele

Bill manifest telekinesis, to save the falling cup.

Jessica in the Compton house, is laying in her bed when Bill knocks on her door. He offers her a bottle of old Tru Blood that he had found. Awkwardly she sips the blood and speaks of how much better it tastes when there isn't much left, she places the cup on the table next to her. It begins to fall to the floor but before a drop is spilled the cup and the liquid stops in mid air and floats back onto the table. Jessica questions Bill's powers and tells Bill that he needs to hear what she has to say. Her fear permeates the air as she confesses her feelings. Bill tells her that even though he does not know what he is and doesn't have answers, he is trying to figure out what his new powers are. He also states he needs Jessica to be there for him to keep him honest because Jessica is the only one he can trust. ("Who Are You, Really?").

Bill sits on an armchair and suddenly he stops "thinking" because he is in a vision with Lilith. Jessica is scared and she tries to "wake" him, but it is profitless. She thinks that he may be hungry, and decides to call a woman, Veronica, so Bill can feed from her. Suddenly, he starts sucking Veronica's blood from a distance until she dies, something which makes Jessica to be terrified and shouts to him "what the hell are you doing?", while she is crying and sitting in a corner of the wall. When she stops, she gets up and ask Bill if he can feel the pain of all vampires? She was wondering if you he can feel her. Cause she is scared. She tells him that she was raised up by the bible of the humans and now he gave her the bible of the vampires and she is confused because she don't know if she can believe any of them. She says to him if he is Lilith or if he is God.

Jessica praying.

Then, she begs on her knees and starts praying, she begs God to forgive her. She ask him to care her friends. Jason, Sookie, Eric, Pam, Tara, Sam, Lafayette, Arlene, all the good people of Bon Temps. Hoyt wherever he is, she wants from the God to watch out him for her. She says that if the God is Bill or Bill is the God, she asks him to bless and bring him back, for her. She needs him. They all need him, she says.

When she finished, Bill "wakes up" and opens the television. At the news they are saying that a truck has a bound vampire at the back of the vehicle and they drag him to all over the road. This was a vision that Bill has seen earlier and he told it to Jessica. She asks him with curiosity if he can see the future and he answers yes. At the same time, he sees an another vision where all the vampires are burning. ("The Sun").


Jessica at the university.

Jessica asks from Bill to tell her who is going to burn. He answers that many vampires will die. She asks him where this will happen and he is answering that he doesn't know. He says to her that he must stop it but she says that is the future and no one can change it because some time it will happen. Bill tells to Jess that she will burn, too. She asks him if this is the True Death and Bill says that he will not lose her, he will stop it. The next night Bill is prepared to go somewhere and he doesn't says where to Jess. She wants to go there with him but Bill doesn't let her because she is in danger. She says him that the first night after turning to Billith, she was here even if she was scared of him. He told her that was the only person that he trusts that's she wants to help him and says to him that she doesn't want to stay here like a little girl. He decides to send her to the professor, Hido Takahashi, who works at a university in Louisiana. He is responsible for synthesising the Tru Blood. Bill says to Jessica to go get him and bring him here. ("You're No Good").

Bill and Jessica are in the Bill's car outside of the Andy Bellefleur's house when the four faerie kids of Andy get out from his house. Jessica says to Bill that he told her that Andy has four faerie children not teens. He says that he doesn't know what happened but he can smell them and Jessica agrees. Bill wants to take them in his house so Dr. Takahashi can study their blood. The girls take the car of their father so they can buy beers because they want to party. When the car stops, the young faeries get into a gas station and Bill wants to follow them but Jessica doesn't let him because she knows that inside him, there is Lilith and Jess will not let her win. She says that if anything would happen to them she would never forgive herself because these girls are in the same age when Bill changed her to a vampire. When the girls are in the store, the employee asks them to show him their ID but they haven't. At this moment, Jessica goes to the employee and starts glamouring him so they can leave from the store without any problem. The girls thank Jessica and ask her if she is one like them and she answers that she is a vampire but there is no reason to panic. She asks from the faeries to come to her and Bill's house, to party together there and the girls agree with her.
Jessica (1)

Jessica and the dead faerie girl.

When they arrived, Bill asks from one faerie girl to come at his office. He puts her a device in the hand which takes the blood. She doesn't understand nothing because she thinks that it is like a game. He tells her to bring her sisters too. After many hours "doing nothing", the girls decide to leave but Jessica doesn't let them to do that because Bill needs their blood. When a faerie girl is very close to Jess, she takes her hand and starts biting it. Bill hears noises and when he goes at the living room he sees Jessica crying and shouting "what have I done?" with four dead faeries around her. She says that she thought that Bill would kill them but finally, she done it. She screams and she hopes that they are not dead.("At Last").


(Click for animation.)

Jessica sits on the ground surrounded by her four faerie victims covered in blood and crying to Bill. She is shocked by what she is capable of and is sorry for what she has done. She falls into Bills arms as she cries and Bill tells her that she will feel better in time when Jessica kisses Bill on the lips. Bill pushes Jessica away from him and declares she is high from drinking all the faerie blood,  she admits she feels like having sex or just dying. At that moment Bill jumps up and feels a pain on his chest in the same area Sookie burnt Warlow. Bill gets visions of all the memories of Lilith's and her progenies in a flash. He looks at the tear stained Jessica and tells her to go to her room and that they would deal with it later. Andy arrives at the Bill's house with a shotgun. Jessica sees him arrive and finds his children dead in Bill's livingroom. Before leaving, a distressed Andy finds that one of his children is still alive. He quickly grabs her and leaves from the house. At the same time, Jessica goes to Jason's house and starts banging loudly on his door. Jason invites Jessica in and she says that she has a long rant about being evil and serving the devil because of killing the faeries. She seems beside herself with guilt because of what she has done which causes her to question her goodness. She asks Jason if he ever loved her and he tells her he did, she asks him and he tells her that there were many reasons for them to fall in love but it was her heart most of all. Jessica continues to question everything and fears that Jason is just a temptation when Sarah Newlin (who was in the house before Jessica because she made sex with Jason) comes into the room. Jessica recognizes her as the anti vampire woman that was married to Steve Newlin. Sarah asks Jason if he had been sleeping with this devil whore which causes Jessica to attack Sarah. Sarah resends Jessica's invitation revealing there had been a trap waiting for Jessica outside. The soldiers take her away.
751727 tbjj605 4s 8 1451 (1)

Tara and Jessica at the Camp.

They put her into a general population area at the vampire camp. As she walks in she sees Tara and rushes to her. Tara asks her why she is acting so crazy and Jessica admits to the murder of the four faeries. She asks Tara if she believes in the devil but Tara tells her no. Jessica tells Tara that Bill is trying to save the vampires but maybe they shouldn't be saved but Tara disagrees. Jessica questions if her hunger will ever be sated and Tara says she doesn't think so. As feeding time hits in the unit with Jessica and Tara they go to a window where a nurse hands them a vial of Tru Blood to drink. Jessica looks at the vial and states she doesn't want it and is ready to give it to Tara when a frenzy erupts as thirsty vampire women come with their fangs bared for the vial of Tru Blood. Tara stands her ground when another inmate who obviously holds power in the unit tells the other girls to leave them alone. She then walks up as the others walks away and asks Jessica if she is alright but Tara stands in front of her with her fangs still out and tells her that Jessica is fine. The vampire woman just looks at them for a moment before telling them they owed her and walking away.("F**k the Pain Away").

James and Jessica.

In order to convince Jason he made a mistake, Sarah Newlin makes him watch the "Copulation" study. A male vampire prisoner is standing alone, when Sarah signals to bring in the female for the study. The female turns out to be Jessica. She asks the male prisoner's name and he replies his name is James. She then asks what they are supposed to be doing and James reveals they are supposed to have sex. Jessica admits she technically is a virgin which causes James to get angry stating that Jessica is a good person and that she doesn't deserve this. Sarah instructs the guards to set a UV light on James. Jessica screams for it to stop and says they will do as they are told. She begins taking off her clothes but James refuses. Sarah has him burned over and over, before telling the guards to take both subjects back to their cells. As they are being taken Jessica tells James her name.("Don't You Feel Me").


Jessica and James before make love.

Jessica is taken by a guard to a conference room where she finds Jason there dressed as a guard. He tells her he is there to save her and hugs her tight. He admits he was there during the copulation study and it was sick but Jessica tells him he doesn't need to get her out of prison that she knows how it's going to end and she is okay with it. Jason tells her she will never suffer again but Jessica tells him thats not the world they live in and if there was anything he could do it would be to keep on living and perhaps one favor. He says of course he will do anything and she asks if she can see James because she would like to thank him for his kindness. Jason tells Jessica he will go get him. He brings James into the conference room and Jessica asks Jason to leave them alone. Jason leaves and Jessica admits to James that before she came in the camp she did the worst thing in her life and then he burned instead of having sex with her and she asked him why. He told her he doesn't think he is a saint but he has managed to keep his humanity. He also reveals they broke his fang for not having sex with her but he says it's fine. Jessica reveals to James they are going to die in the camp and also to not drink the Tru Blood. They begin to talk about what they would do if they survive this. Then Jessica proposes having sex with James because if she is going to die she wants to be with him and she has also never had sex with another vampire. They make love on the conference table.("In the Evening").

Jessica is laying in the conference room, snuggling on the floor with James after having made love. They begin to talk and Jessica admits she doesn't want to go until someone catches them. James asks her how she got the guard to bring him to her and she says she doesn't feel it's the time or place to talk about it, and James agrees they may not have much time left so he doesn't want her spending it looking back. Guards come in and separate them, and they take Jessica back to the female general population. As they let Pam and Jessica into the female population, the doctors announce they have Tru Blood ready for drinking.

Jessica and Pam being taken to General Population.

The hungry vampires line up and grab their bottles. Pam looks at Tara to make sure she knows that Hepatitis V and she assures her that she knows. In the male population, they are giving out the contaminated Tru Blood and Steve Newlin goes to get his own bottle of Tru Blood. A random vampire tries to bully Steve out of his Tru Blood but Dr. Overlark, who is observing from above, says that all vampires get their own bottle.

The vampires knowing they might meet the sun.

Pam, Jessica, Violet, Willa and Tara join James and Steve Newlin in the white circular room. Jessica announces to them all that they are all going to meet the sun in that room.Steve thanks Dr. Overlark and then goes to sit down next to James. He admits he hasn't been this unpopular since he was in 7th grade and tells James about his embarrassing past with bullying. As he is about to drink his bottle of Tru Blood James stops him and tells him not to drink the blood, and Steve heeds James' warning. In female general population, Willa asks if they think Violet would share Jason because she is hungry. Jessica says that either way, they need to protect Jason from her. They ask Pam to ask for Jason back since she is the oldest. Pam knocks on Violets container and asks her but Violet tells her to go away because she is eating. Inside the container, she happily feeds on Jason and he asks her not to rape him. Violet tells Jason that she is not one of those types of vampires who can't differentiate between sex and feeding, and that when they have sex it will be consensual before healing his bite marks with her blood. Later, a camp employee asks Violet why she isn't in line for Tru Blood and Violet tells him that she doesn't need it because she has Jason, but the employee tells her that all vampires must drink their rations. She goes to get the Tru Blood when Tara whispers that she can drink the blood and their Jason problems are over, but Violet overhears her say "Jason" and claims him as hers and asks them why they aren't drinking the Tru Blood either, revealing the entire group to know about the Hep V.("Dead Meat"). Bill finds another empty general population and realizes he has no choice but to use his own blood to save the vampires. He finds a guard still alive and he has him take him to the white circular room. Sarah is walking upstairs to the top of the building holding Willa, Pam, Tara, Violet, Jessica, James and Steve Newlin. She turns the mechanism to open the ceiling letting light into the building but as she does so Bill is already there feeding the group his blood.

Jessica and the other Vampires walking in the Daylight (Click for animation).

Eric, Jason, Ginger and Dr.Finn find themselves in the next room watching the scene through the two way mirrors.

Eric goes into the circular room and holds Steven Newlin into the sun before he can have Bill's blood. Before Steve meets the true death he screams out his love for Jason Stackhouse. The rest of the vampires are high from the faerie blood and relish their freedom in the sun. Pam goes into the other room and kills Dr.Finn. The vampires make it outside and begin to destroy all of the contaminated Tru Blood. Jessica and James find Bill and weakly explains that Lilith has sent her sirens to take him and James attempts to feed Bill his blood to restore him. The vampires come to the exit of the camp when Jessica, James and Bill join them.("Life Matters").

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