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Season 7Edit

Jessica manages to protect Adilyn from a rogue Hep-V vampire .  Adilyn reveals that she trusts her by allowing her to enter the house and saving her from the sun while the Hep-V vamp roasts on the porch.  When Andy finds her in the attic, he suspects her of killing Adilyn, but Jessica convinces him that she only wants to help.  The two go off and search for Adilyn and free her from the cell at the Sheriff's office that she has been locked in.  Later, she, Violet , Jason and Andy are confronted by Vince and his mob.  During the standoff, she is shot in the shoulder by an angry Maxine Fortenberry .  Maxine is then killed by Violet and the terrified mob disperses and flees.  Being unable to heal do to her not having fed, she simply fights with Maxine's gun when Lou and his friend ambush the group.  When Alcide is killed, she offers to try and turn him, but Sookie says he would not have wanted it.  

At Sookie's house party, she remains outside, depressed, until Andy approaches her and tells her not to torture herself over what happened.  He then asks her help in proposing to Holly , which he then does.  Jessica and all the other guests are overjoyed when she agrees to be Andy's wife.  Meanwhile, Lafayette is talking to James , who is dissatisfied that Jessica has remained distant.  The result is that the two men have sex behind a nearby car.  Jessica is furious when she discovers them and flees up to Sookie's room, asking Jason to rescind James's invitation.  Jason comforts her.  Lafayette also comes to speak to her.  She is initially angry with him, until he explains how she never paid him enough attention or gave him enough love for her to be with James and how he himself also wants to be happy.  Jessica realizes that he's right.  She and Jason wind up making love one last time as he tries to comfort her.  Violet hears them and appears jealous.

When she learns that Bill is dying of Hep-V, she is distraught and immediatly tells Sookie and Jason. She does not understand when Bill refuses to drink Sarah Newlin 's blood when they discover that it is the cure.  She asks her to release him, if he will not accept salvation for himself.  He does so, saying that he is proud of her and the vampire she has become.  Later, she senses that Adilyn is in danger when Violet has captured her and Wade .  When she runs to rescue Adilyn, she is captured and imprisoned by the older and more powerful Violet.  Jason comes to save her but is also captured.  Just as Violet is about to begin torturing and killing her captives, when Hoyt bursts in and shoots Violet dead, saving their lives.  She looks at him wondrously as she is released from her shackles, but then sees Hoyt's new girlfriend, Brigette , walk in and she is reminded that she is no longer a part of his life.  She then reintroduces herself(as he does not remember her) and thanks him earnestly.  Hoyt later tells Jason that he cares for Brigette and only just met Jessica, but he can't get the latter out of his head.

Later, Hoyt comes to bring her some of his blood for Bill.  She is overjoyed and excited at seeing him and it is obvious that her feelings for him have returned.  At Merlotte's, she tells James that she understands why he did what he did and wishes him the best.  She then goes to see Hoyt, telling him about their history and that he is the one she would like to be with on such a painful night.  Bridgette asks her to leave, but Hoyt chases after her, choosing her over Bridgette.  She apologizes for ruining his relationship with Brigette and starts crying, but he embraces her warmly and asks her to tell him their story.  Hoyt later injures his knuckles knocking out Jason after hearing his role in the story.  She tells him and he asks her why she left him in the first place.  She explains that she was young and immature and that she had not been able to explore her dark side.  He asks, "and now?" and she responds that sitting there with him is the first time that she has been able to see a future for herself.  He then allows her to heal his injured hand.  She sits on his lap and begins to heal him, looking at him lovingly.  They then begin to kiss and make love as Jason tells Bridgette their story.  Jason ends his dialogue with, "Hoyt and Jessica belong together."

Jessica and Hoyt then go to Bill's house, where Hoyt explains that he will be staying in Bon temps and Jessica is not only part of the reason but the whole reason.  When Bill asks him if he intends to marry her some day, she is surprised at Bill's audacious question, but Hoyt says yes and asks if she would be willing.  She asks to speak to Bill alone and says that she would like him to walk her down the aisle, as she has always dreamed of her wedding day and Bill is the closest thing to a real father that she has ever had.  That being said, Hoyt agrees to marry her that day.  She calls Sookie and asks to borrow her wedding dress and if she will be her maid of honor.  Sookie happily accepts.  Jason is then called to be Hoyt's best man.  Arlene, Holly and Andy are then invited to the wedding .  Bill walks Jessica down the aisle, saying that she looks beautiful.  Jessica cries red tears of joy as the ceremony proceeds.  He then gives her away to Hoyt as the two say their wedding vows.  Andy then pronounces them man and wife and says, "You may kiss your vampire bride."  The two kiss passionately.  In one of her blogs, Jessica explains that she loves Hoyt and is so happy to have begun this journey with him.  She says that maybe "He had to leave so that he could come back."  She also sees a video message from Bill about how he loves her like a daughter and how proud he is to be her maker.  Jessica is last seen at the Thanksgiving dinner at Sookie's house, four years after her wedding, happily sitting next to her husband and all her friends and neighbors.

Jess Hoyt Wed

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