A year later Lafayette and Jesús are now living together. Jesús has been trying to get Lafayette to join the new Witch Coven in town lead by Marnie. Lafayette is still cautious or wary about the whole witchcraft thing but still goes to the meeting with Jesus. When Lafayette first goes Marnie is said to be connecting with the spirit world and Lafayette is very weirded out. Suddenly Holly who is interpreting for Marnie begins to ask Lafayette if he knows anyone by the name of Eddie and Lafayette is then frightened for he never told anyone about Eddie except Jesús. While Marnie is still sitting mumbling Holly is listening closely to Marnie and then tells Lafayette that Eddie wants to give him a rose. Marnie then holds up her hand to Lafayette as if giving him a rose and Lafayette is told to take it. Lafayette then goes in to take the rose but then Marnie grabs Lafayette's hand and Eddie begins to speak through Marnie. Lafayette then gets scared and steps away asking how Marnie knew about the situation with Eddie and then gets mad at Jesús thinking he told. Jesús then tells Lafayette he didn't tell anyone anything but Lafayette then walks out. 


Lafayette and Jesus try to get Marnie to reverse the spell on Eric

That night Lafayette does go with Jesús to the meeting again and this time the group are getting prepared to say goodbye to Marnie's dead parakeet Minerva. Marnie then asks if everyone could kindly join her and they all begin to hold hands in a circle except for Lafayette who just sits and watches. Marnie begins her ritual to help guide her bird to the spirit world. But suddenly Marnie begins chanting a spell that supposedly should return Minerva to life. ("She's Not There") The second visit Jesús has with the coven, Eric interrupts and attacks Marnie and Tara who tried to protect her. To ward him off, he begins to chant with the coven until Eric has total memory loss. ("You Smell Like Dinner") Worried about Eric's revenge, Lafayette takes it upon himself to visit Fangtasia. Jesús and Tara rush to Shreveport, knowing it's a bad idea for Lafayette to go there. They find him in the basement, being attacked by Pam. Tara holds a gun on Pam with wooden bullets. Lafayette tells Pam they can get her Marnie. She gives them 48 hours, or else she will kill them. ("If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?")


Lafayette and Jesus in Mexico

Marnie has a dream about a Spanish witch being burnt at the stake. She wakes tormented, her eyes aflame as before. Jesús, Lafayette and Tara are still begging her to reverse the memory loss spell she cast on Eric. She claims she has tried, but had no luck. Frustrated that they cannot find the proper incantation, a book mysteriously flies off a shelf and lands on the shop floor. Marnie picks up the book and realizes it contains a spell that should reverse the curse. With the spellbook in hand, Marnie attempts to reverse the spell. Outdoors in a circle, Marnie, Pam, Lafayette and Tara stand. Marnie begins to chant, while Pam continues to complain and threaten. ("I'm Alive and on Fire") Lafayette and Jesús are packing to leave for Mexico. Jesús says that his grandfather, a brujo is a very powerful man and can help them. Tara says she is leaving for New Orleans, and hugs Lafayette goodbye. Jesús tells Lafayette a story about his grandfather and a pet goat he had as a child, and was forced to kill. They arrive in Mexico and are surprised to see Jesús' grandfather standing behind them. ("Me and the Devil") Lafayette ends up temporally possessed by “Tío Luca” in order to save Jesús from a rattlesnake bite, which was inflicted by Jesús’ Grandfather in order to teach Lafayette a lesson. ("I Wish I Was the Moon") Later on he begs his grandfather to let them go and he accepts telling Lafayette he is actually a witch and poisoning him was a part of a test for Lafayette. ("Cold Grey Light of Dawn") Lafayette is possessed by Mavis and kidnaps Mikey Bellefleur. Mavis takes the baby to Hoyt Fortenberry's house, because she lived there when she was alive. Jesus comes to Hoyt's house to help with Lafayette. He begins to communicate with Mavis and claims that he can help. He tells Mavis that his boyfriend is a Medium and she has taken his body. She grows distraught realizing what has happened. ("Let's Get Out of Here")

Jesus helps Jason to dig for the remains of Mavis's son. Once found, she holds the skeletal remains of the boy. Jesus grips her shoulder and begins to cast an exorcism spell. Mavis leaves Lafayette's body in a shimmer of bright, golden lights. She thanks Lafayette and is reunited with her son. She sings to her son as her spirit finally moves on. ("Let's Get Out of Here") Outside Moon Goddess Emporium Jesus says that he wants to try and reach through to Marnie, because she wouldn’t want this. His magic shows him inside the building. Holly is convincing Tara to try to rid themselves of Martonia’s spell. Marnie and Antonia are arguing over what happened at the Hotel Dorchester. Antonia says they are no better than their enemies. Marnie obviously hates the vampires and wants to kill them. Marnie asks her not to abandon them because they need her. Antonia re-enters Marnie's body. ("Burning Down the House")

Jesus, Lafayette, Sookie and Jason try to figure out how to rescue Tara. Jesus wants to speak to Marnie and goes toward the shop. There’s a protective force field around the store that burns Jesus. He talks to Antonia and she tells him to go to her through the barrier. He turns into a Demon-like creature while going through the barrier. ("Burning Down the House")

Martonia is talking to Jesus about breaching her protective boundary. She says that he has a demon to serve him. He asks to speak with Marnie. She brings out Marnie, and she assures him that it’s not a possession, but a union. Jesus tells Sookie, via telepathy, that Marnie is actually in control. ("Burning Down the House") Eric, Pam, Bill, and Jessica prepare to blow up Moon Goddess Emporium. Jesus, Lafayette, Sookie, Holly, Tara and the other Witches are inside. All of them are terrified except for Marnie. She calmly insists that her spell will protect them and jokes about the situation. Her attitude causes Casey to get mad and attack her. Marnie, defending herself, flings a knife at her magically, killing her. ("Soul of Fire")


Having had enough of Marnie, Antonia leaves her body. Lafayette, being a medium, is the only one to see this. Marnie uses a binding spell against Antonia. She is unable to resist and Marnie gains control of her. ("Soul of Fire")

Jesus goes to Casey and tells everyone that she still has a pulse. He pleads with Marnie to let him try to heal her. She allows him, and he and Lafayette carry Casey's body to the bathroom. Lafayette realizes that Casey doesn't have a pulse. Jesus explains that he can separate Antonia from Marnie using Casey's recently deceased body. ("Soul of Fire")

Sookie interrupts a spell Marnie is casting using her faerie powers because it would kill her vampire friends. Marnie causes everyone apart from Sookie to become stuck to the wall, and she creates a fire ring, trying to burn Sookie. Lafayette sees this and he gets Jesus to speed up the process of breaking Antonia out of Marnie's body. He does so, manifesting the demon's head again, with moments to spare. Antonia's spirit casts her own spell, and the fire ring around Sookie dissolves, as does the spell holding everyone to the walls. Marnie cries in despair, seeing her grand scheme falling to pieces. ("Soul of Fire")

Outside, the vampires see the protection shield go down. Pam tries to apologize to Eric, saying she knew the rocket wouldn't penetrate the shield. Eric, still pissed, tells Pam to leave before he kills her. Shattered, Pam dashes away. Bill and Eric rush inside Moon Goddess to kill everyone, but Sookie stops them, telling them that the majority of people in there were being held hostage by Marnie. Bill aims a gun at Marnie but Roy stands in her way, saying they'll have to go through him to get to Marnie. Eric rushes up to him and pulls his heart out, sucking the blood from it like a straw in front of a horrified Marnie. Bill then takes aim at Marnie, who berates Bill saying "Nobody lives forever - not even you!" As the words leave her mouth, Bill shoots Marnie multiple times, including a final shot into her forehead. ("Soul of Fire")

Later, Lafayette and Jesus lay in bed. Jesus is distraught with the death of Marnie, but Lafayette convinces him that it was for the best and reminds him how many people's lives he saved. Jesus and Lafayette try to sleep but Lafayette opens his eyes and sees Marnie's spirit floating above him. Before he can scream, she possesses him by flying into his open mouth. The now-possessed Lafayette/Marnie smiles quietly to him/herself. ("Soul of Fire") It's Samhain, the Witch's greatest celebration, also known as Halloween. The episode opens with Jesus apologizing to Lafayette, possessed by Marnie spirit without Jesus knowing, about pushing him into Magic before he was ready. Lafayette proceeds to stab Jesus in the hand with a fork. Jesus, who has been tied to a chair by Lafayette, tries to reason with Marnie inside of him who simply blows him off, refusing to accept that Antonia wanted to leave her. Jesus then asks what she wants to which she replies that she wants his magic. All of it. Marnie threatens Jesus with Lafayette's life if he doesn't give her his powers. Jesus finally gives up and summons the Demon inside of him. Lafayette then stabs him in the chest and licks the blood off the knife, transferring the Demon's powers to him. Marnie's possession of Lafayette is uncovered and she is driven out of his body by his friends. ("And When I Die")

At Sookie's house, Tara is trying to console Lafayette over what happened to Jesus who blames himself for what he did to him. Later that night, Jesus appears to Lafayette and tells him that he's fine with what happened. Lafayette asks him how he's meant to live with what he did to which Jesus replies, "Just keep breathing." and leaves. ("And When I Die")

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