Lafayette and Sookie go to Lafayette's home to dispose of Jesus' body. Only to find that he was not there, thinking that Bill and Eric must have come there first and disposed of Jesus' body to help. ("Turn! Turn! Turn!")

An apparition of Jesus, in the form of a head with his lips stitched up, appears to Lafayette, who is horrified by the vision. Ruby Jean Reynolds suffers the same vision, but is only mildly surprised to see him; somehow understanding what Jesus is trying to say, she starts yelling for Lafayette. ("Let's Boot and Rally")

Jesus is briefly seen on Arlene and Terry's wedding video, offering congratulations to the couple and bantering with Lafayette.

Lafayette travels to Mexico and finds that Don Bartolo had taken Jesus' body. Maria Bartolo saves Lafayette by killing her husband. ("In the Beginning")

On his way home in Jesus' car Lafayette uses some V to heal his lips. He sees Jesus sitting next to him in the car and they hold hands. ("Somebody That I Used to Know")

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