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Jordan Hamby

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Unknown, Presumed Alive
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Christian †
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Mrs. Hamby - Wife
Eden Hamby - Daughter
Jessica Hamby - Daughter
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Jordan Hamby was Jessica Hamby's father.


Jordan is a God-fearing, conservative Christian. He was very strict with his family; often using physical, mental, and religious abuse to keep his children in line and as a punishment for even the slightest mistake. He often used his belt to inflict corporal punishment on his wife and daughters. However, his behavior does indicate that he also cared for his family and somehow felt that his harsh treatment of them was justified and righteous.

Season 2Edit

Missing her family, Jessica had Sookie Stackhouse drive her to her family's house. Once there, she darted to the front door before Sookie could attempt to restrain her. Inside, she visited with her sister and mom. Her father came home. At first, Jordan was relieved to see his daughter, but he soon turned angry. We realize that perhaps Jordan Hamby has tormented and mentally abused his family most of Jessica's life. Baring her fangs, Jessica pinned Jordan against the living room wall.

Before she could bite him, however, Bill arrives and glamoured Jessica's sister, Eden, into letting him inside. He ordered Jessica to leave with Sookie. Bill later glamoured the whole family, including Eden, to forget the evening had ever happened.("Keep This Party Going")

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