"'Scuse me. Who ordered the hamburger... with AIDS? "

"All you had to say was - Hold the AIDS" (Click for animation)

Lafayette is a very hard-working citizen of Bon Temps. He has several jobs, including cooking for Sam at Merlotte's, working with Jason Stackhouse and Hoyt Fortenberry on the road crew and also many questionable or outright illegal pursuits. He is a drug dealer, selling V and other drugs such as Vicodin and marijuana. Jason Stackhouse even said that Lafayette sells everything. Lafayette owns a pornographic website and even got Jason to appear on it in exchange for V. He also operates as a gay prostitute with many clients, including a senator. The Vampire from whom he gets his V gives his blood willingly in exchange for sexual favors from Lafayette. Lafayette once confronted a group of customers at Merlotte's after they insinuated a hamburger he cooked had AIDS. After licking the top burger bun and slapping it in  Royce Williams' face, he beats up all of them when they attack him. He dumps the plate on the customer's lap and reminds the group to "tip [their] waitress".

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"Tip yo Waitress" (click for animation)

Amy and Jason follow Lafayette to find out where he was getting his V supply. They kidnap the vampire, Eddie, to harvest his blood. After finding out about Eddie's disappearance, Lafayette confronts Jason at Arlene's party and vows that he won't turn up dead because of him. Lafayette later threatens a Senator who is also one of Lafayette's clients. After Sookie survives the attack from Drew, Lafayette, Sam, Tara, and Arlene all come to check on her. Lafayette leaves to make sure Terry isn't "PTSDing all over [his] clam chowder,", but is kidnapped on the way.

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