"How am I supposed to deal with this fuckedupness?"
―Lafayette Reynolds[src]

Dealing with a suicidal Tara, Lafayette takes her to mental hospital and reveals his mother, Ruby Jean Reynolds, is not dead as he had led others to believe. There, he meets Jesus Velasquez who is his mother's nurse. ("Beautifully Broken")

When Jesus shows up at Merlotte's the next day, Lafayette thinks he has arrived with bad news about Ruby Jean. He is pleasantly surprised when he learns that the handsome nurse is interested in him. ("Trouble")

Still having to sell V for Eric, he was nicely compensated with a brand new car which he takes to Hotshot to convince the Norris clan to buy a large quantity of V. ("It Hurts Me Too")

However Calvin Norris is uninterested and he and Felton Norris begin to harass Lafayette. Eric senses Lafayette is in trouble and rescues him from the Norris's, ("9 Crimes") but they later show up at Lafayette's house and smash up Lafayette's car. Jesus helps Lafayette get rid of them but leaves after finding out that that Lafayette is a drug dealer. ("I Got a Right to Sing the Blues")

The next day, Lafayette takes Jason to the hospital to see Sookie who is in a coma. As usual, he is a calm and comforting presence reciting an Inuit prayer over the unconscious Sookie. ("Hitting the Ground")

Lafayette and Jesus

Lafayette and Jesus are reunited when Ruby Jean escapes from the mental hospital and pays a visit to "La-la". Together, they rescue Calvin Norris after an angry Sam beats him. ("Everything Is Broken") Jesus is stunned by the miraculous power of V. Jesus and Lafayette do V together and discover both of their ancestors utilized magic. ("I Smell a Rat") While Jesus was empowered by the experience, Lafayette struggles with his continuing hallucinations (seeing Jesus with a demon mask; seeing Sam with blood on his hands saying "Cross me and you're a dead man"; and seeing Drew Marshall standing behind Arlene and claiming that he is inside her (referring to her pregnancy)). This last hallucination shocks Lafayette into calling Jesus into Merlotte's. Lafayette learns that Jesus comes from a line of witches, and is one himself. ("Evil is Going On")

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