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Lilith manifesting herself covered with blood.

The Blood of Lilith, or Lilith's Blood, is a much more powerful version of the common Vampire Blood on the HBO original series True Blood.


According to the Book of the Vampyr, Lilith was created by God in his image: a vampire. Adam and Eve were created to support her, starting with the natural order of human beings exist for the vampires of service. According to the orthodox religious view, Lilith finally met the sun by the hand of man, even if the real story is a bit more complicated.

Even after the True Death, Lilith feels responsibility for the continued existence of the vampire race. Going so far as to manifest herself through her blood to secure a new savior in her place.

After experiencing visions of Lilith by little taste of his blood, Bill kills most of the Authority and goes after the blood of Lilith. He drinks all the blood of Lilith and starts bleeding from the eyes and mouth and then seems to be destroyed, leaving a pool of blood behind. Bill gets up from the pool of her remains, covered in blood, as Lilith and baring sharper, long fangs.



Eric under the effect of the blood of Lilith

A small amount of the blood of Lilith can cause a vampire to feel drunk or high similar to drinking the blood of a faerie. The drinker can also experience visions of Lilith or other individuals who have died while in this state. It is also possible that the blood of Lilith has the ability to heal other vampires at an accelerated pace. Lilith's blood has negative effects as well as positive, drinking the blood will make a vampire more darker and volatile as if they had been a part of a nest for years, they also tend to become devout Sanguinistas, which explains the sudden change in behavior of some members of the Authority such as Kibwe Akinjide and Alexander Drew, who were originally loyal to the idea of mainstreaming.
  • Hemokinesis: Lilith, the Sirens and only to a lesser extent, Bill can be covered with the blood and also make the blood dissipate at will. Lilith also appears to have control of their blood, even after his true death. During his "coma", Bill was able to drink all the blood of a donor simply making travel from the body up to his mouth.
  • "Reincarnation": After Bill Compton drank all the blood of Lilith, melted into a puddle of blood. Unlike the true death, however, there were no organs or other body parts left behind. He remained in this state only for a few moments before reforming. When Bill ingests the blood of Lilith, she becomes a part of him, allowing him to control Macklyn Warlow as if he were Macklyn's Maker.

Abilities granted by the bloodEdit

  • Bill's new powers

    Bill survives the stakeout

    Advanced Vampiric Abilities: After he drank the blood of Lilith, Bill gained unparalleled vampire powers. His strength has increased to the point were he can easily overpower a 1,000+ year old vampire such as Eric and can jump higher and further than regular vampires. Due to the blood he can now not only levitate, but also fly.
  • Mental abilities: He can freeze and move objects with his mind and can even create earthquake-like tremors. Bill has acquired clairvoyance as he now has the power to see the future and can feel the "pain of all vampires."
  • Immunity: Bill is immune to fire and was still affected by sunlight. He however, survived a direct stake to the heart without much injury. Bill can also enter the home of humans without an invitation. It is unknown if he is weak to silver.


  • Since the blood of Lilith was consumed only by vampires, it is not known whether other supernatural beings or human beings would experience similar effects.

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