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"William Compton..."
―Lilith's Sirens, speaking Bill's name.

Lilith's Sirens are a mysterious triad of vampires on the HBO original series True Blood. Making their debut on the episode "Who Are You, Really?", at the beginning of the series' sixth season, the Sirens appear naked, and are covered in blood. Their nature and purpose remains unknown, although it is known that they respond to the orders of Lilith. Serving as secondary antagonists through the series' sixth season, and playing a recurring role through the same season, the Sirens were last seen in the Season 6 episode "Life Matters".



Season 6Edit

"Who Are You, Really?"Edit

Bill Compton sits in his study reading the Book of Lilith. As he is reading and questioning his very existence he feels pains as if he is being whipped by burning leather in his mind. He begins to hear voices again calling his name. He stands looking around only to see three women in his study covered in blood. Before he can react the three sirens seem to rush into Bill. Instead of colliding with him they disappear inside him and Bill gasps. ("Who Are You, Really?")

"The Sun"Edit


The sirens and Bill.

The sirens mentally escort Bill to Lilith. After Lilith thanks them, they teleport away. ("The Sun")

"Don't You Feel Me"Edit

The sirens appear again to Bill when he falls into a self induced coma. The sirens once more escorts him to Lilith. ("Don't You Feel Me")

"Life Matters"Edit

Bill is in the circular as the Sirens tell him his time on earth has come to an end. Bill tells them he is not going anywhere and he did as he was asked so they should just leave before summoning Jessica. Jessica feels his pull and recalls that they left Bill behind. James accompanies her to find Bill.  Jessica and James find Bill and weakly explains that Lilith has sent her sirens to take him and James attempts to feed Bill his blood to restore him. ("Life Matters")

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The sirens also possess advanced vampiric abilities like Lilith and can teleport someone into a hypnotic world.  The sirens also have the ability of superhuman strength, speed, and senses. Due to their extremely advanced age the sirens are far stronger and faster than vampires such as, Russell Edgington, Godric and Eric Northman and are either the same or a little bit less as strong as Lilith.


  • The characters are credited as sirens but are not referred to as such on-screen.
  • A siren is a human/bird hybrid with an alluring voice found in Greek mythology.


Season six appearances
"Who Are You, Really?" "The Sun" "You're No Good" "At Last"
"F**k the Pain Away" "Don't You Feel Me" "In the Evening" "Dead Meat"
"Life Matters" "Radioactive"

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