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"Living Dead in Dallas", released in March of 2002, is the second book in Award-winning author Charlaine Harris' New York Times best selling series "The Southern Vampire Mysteries", also known as the "Sookie Stackhouse novels", and as of recent, the "True Blood novels". The series of books in which the HBO original series True Blood is based, Living Dead in Dallas is the second of thirteen novels in the The Southern Vampire Mysteries collection.


In this second installment, the story follows the adventures of telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse of Bon Temps, Louisiana as she is employed by Dallas vampires to use her telepathy to help find their lost companion. Sookie agrees to help investigate the whereabouts of the missing vampire on one condition: any humans found to be involved must be turned over to human law enforcement rather than subjected to vampire justice. In Dallas Sookie Stackhouse has her first encounter with the anti-vampire organization "The Fellowship of the Sun", as well as meeting and learning of the existence of werewolves.

Plot SummaryEdit

This book opens with Sookie Stackhouse finding the dead body of Lafayette in the backseat of Andy Bellefleur's car, which had been left at Merlotte's the night before. Sookie learns that her friend had recently attended a local sex party. She thinks the members of that group might know something about her friend's murder so she starts "listening" to people's thoughts by using her special mind reading talent while working at the local bar. In the meantime, Bill Compton, Sookie's vampire boyfriend, informs her that they have been summoned by Eric. On their way to Fangtasia, a vampire bar where Eric's office is located, Sookie is attacked by a maenad as a way to get Eric's attention. The maenad, also known as Callisto, attacks Sookie and her wounds are poisoned. Sookie is healed by a combination of Dr. Ludwig's special healings and blood drainings by Eric, Pam, Chow and Bill. Sookie is later given a fresh transfusion of human blood. Eric informs Bill and Sookie that they need to go Dallas to help the local vampire leader, Stan Baker, to find his missing brother, Farrell, who has not returned to Davis' nest for five days. The Dallas vampires, Sookie and Bill learn that The Fellowship of the Sun (FoTS) might be behind the disappearance. Sookie decides to go to the FoTS' church with Hugo, Stan's human lawyer, in an undercover mission. Sookie's cover is quickly exposed when they meet Steve and Sarah Newlin, and is badly hurt while trying to run out. She also discovers that Hugo is a traitor. Sookie escapes from the church with the help of Luna, a shapeshifter and Godfrey, a vampire. Eventually, Bill and the Dallas vampires rescue Farrell. The welcome home party for Farrell is interrupted by the FotS attacking Stan's mansion. Sookie, unable to locate Bill, helps Eric remove a bullet which he received protecting her from the fire, unable to find a knife she sucks the bullet ingesting a few drops of his blood in the process. Bill returns soon after, he had immediately chased down members of FotS along with some other vamps at the party. Sookie is upset that he killed someone and didn't wait to see if she was okay. Sookie leaves the house and immediately flies back to Bon Temps. Back in Bon Temps, Sookie avoids Bill for several weeks during which Bill "dates" Portia Bellefleur who is trying to find out more about the sex club. After seeing Sookie at a football game with Tara, Eggs and JB du Rone, Bill follows Sookie home and they passionately reconcile. The next day, Sookie is invited to a secret sex party organized by Mike Spencer. Afraid to go alone, Sookie asks Eric to accompany her as Bill is out of town. At the sex party, Sookie is surprised to see her friend Tara and her fiancé, Eggs, and learns that Mike and Tom Hardaway murdered Lafayette. The party is interrupted when Bill, Andy Bellefleur, Sam (collie form) and the maenad gather in front of the house. The maenad enjoys the drunkenness and lust of the party participants and eventually kills them all, except for Tara and Eggs. Bill and Eric burn the house, and Eric glamours Tara so that she will be unable to remember what happened at the sex party.

Characters in Living Dead in DallasEdit

Starring CharactersEdit

Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Sam Merlotte - Owner of Merlotte's Bar and a shape-shifter.
  • Stan Baker - Vampire and underling of the vampires sheriff.
  • Barry - Bellboy of the Silent Shores Hotel in Dallas. Like Sookie, Barry is a telepath. Barry and Sookie can communicate silently.
  • Steve Newlin - Human and pastor of The Fellowship of the Sun.
  • Sarah Newlin - Wife of Steve Newlin.
  • Dr. Ludwig - Dwarf doctor for the supernatural beings. Her nose is the most prominent feature on her face, and she has olive skin. She has golden brown incredibly thick, coarse hair.
  • Andy Bellefleur - Human and Bon Temps' detective. Lafayette's body was found in his car.
  • Tara Thornton - Human and Sookie's friend. She is part of Bon Temps' secret sex club.

Non-Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Lafayette Reynolds - Human, and Merlotte's cook.
  • Mary-Anne - A maenad who wants tribute from Eric. She hurts Sookie and poisons her blood.
  • Isabel Beaumont - Vampire and Stan Baker's second in command. Sookie describes her as "white as paper and as flat as a board... light brown hair (braided and long enough to tap her butt) and glittery green eyes emphasized her otherness".
  • Hugo Ayres - Human, vampire lawyer and Isabel's lover
  • Godric - Vampire and a "renouncer" (a vampire who has allied himself with human radicals and plans to commit suicide by meeting the sun). He's a blond vampire who looks sixteen years old, and has tattoos from Roman times and also the sheriff.
  • Farrell - Vampire from the Dallas nest. He was captured by The Fellowship of the Sun.
  • Luna - Shape-shifter. She helps Sookie get away from the Fellowship's church.
  • "Eggs" Benedict Tallie - Human and Tara's fiancé in this novel. He belongs to Bon Temps' secret sex party.
  • Mike Spencer - Human, Bon Temps funeral home director and coroner. He invites Sookie to the sex party.
  • Tom and Cleo Hardaway - Human, married couple and participants of the sex party. Tom and Mike Spencer killed Lafayette.

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