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L-lovebitten net-001
Website Information
Find Your Eternal Love
Type of site
Human/Vampire Matchmaking
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Content License
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Created by
Humans/Vampires wanting to date
Registered by
AnneMarie Hogan
Technical Admin
Donna Stalworth
Registered on
June 12, 2008
Expired on
June 12, 2016
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Steady2 ### (Global 05/2015)

[[:Category:{{{Images}}}|Images]] was one of seventeen official companion websites that were created to complement the content found on the HBO original series True Blood.

PremiseEdit was a dating website devoted to helping a human find a vampire or vice versa. For those serious about finding their eternal love, there's no need to use any other human/vampire dating site, as boasts that it is "The Best Human/Vampire Dating Site".

Version 1: 2008 - 2009Edit

M-lovebitten net

Promotional VideoEdit

Dating service for vampires00:36

Dating service for vampires

How It WorksEdit

This page provided a simple list of how this site works. Appearing in four steps, the page describes exactly how to find your eternal love.

M-lovebitten net-001
1 FILL OUT AND SUBMIT our questionnaire. This will provide Lovebitten singles with basic information about you.
2SEARCH for available fangbangers or vampires. You'll have instant access to all of our exclusive profiles. You can search among the mortals or immortals to find that perfect fit to your personality and desires.
3 REACH OUT and meet your match. Do you want to find a sexy female vampire in Stockholm or a perfect human in Ann Arbor, Michigan?
4 START LIVING the life you've always dreamed about. You won't believe how incredible the chemistry can be between vampires and humans.

About UsEdit

The following appeared not only on the bottom of each page, above the copyright, but also as the feature text on the About Us page:

Most people never think they'll find their kindred spirit. Try something and someone now. Maybe you've been looking for love for centuries. Maybe you're ready to find out exactly what being a 'Fangbanger' is all about. is the first and best site for a bite.
The Great Revelation changed the world as we know it. It also opened a world of options for both mortals and immortals looking for love. We all know vampire dating sites can be elitist and exclusionary. is the first and the best match site for humans and vampires who are ready to make the leap. Whether you're looking for lasting love, high-speed romance or casual dating, has it all.


  • NOTE: While the site allowed users to register for an account, the feature never worked. This was intentional on the part of HBO, and used throughout all sites requiring registration. Registration was eliminated for the sake of simplification and being able to provide exclusive content with no interference.

Clicking on "Register"/"Join Now" leads to the page register.htm, on which the user will find a questionnaire meant to be filled out by the user. This was for the sole purpose of being able to "match" the user with the human/vampire best suitable to providing "eternal love".


There were boxes where the users could fill out the following information. Boxes possessed a 255 character limit. Boxes appeared as follows: L-lovebitten net-box
Confirm Password:

L-lovebitten net-box
L-lovebitten net-box
L-lovebitten net-box
L-lovebitten net-box

Email Address:
Mobile Phone:

L-lovebitten net-box
L-lovebitten net-box
L-lovebitten net-box
L-lovebitten net-box

The next two questions used a selection box: L-lovebitten net-circle, to allow the user to select the response they wanted to use to answer the question.

L-lovebitten net-circle MORTAL
L-lovebitten net-circle IMMORTAL

Blood Type:

L-lovebitten net-circle A
L-lovebitten net-circle B
L-lovebitten net-circle AB
L-lovebitten net-circle O
L-lovebitten net-circle N/A

The remainder of the questions alternate between written answers and answers that the user selects.

L-lovebitten net-box


L-lovebitten net-box

What is your education level:

L-lovebitten net-circle HIGH SCHOOL
L-lovebitten net-circle COLLEGE
L-lovebitten net-circle GRADUATE SCHOOL

Looking for:

L-lovebitten net-circle MALE HUMAN
L-lovebitten net-circle FEMALE HUMAN
L-lovebitten net-circle MALE VAMPIRE
L-lovebitten net-circle FEMALE VAMPIRE

Relationship History:

L-lovebitten net-circle SINGLE
L-lovebitten net-circle MARRIED
L-lovebitten net-circle DIVORCED

Are you available at nighttime:

L-lovebitten net-circle YES
L-lovebitten net-circle NO

Would you be willing to see
someone outside of your city,
town or country::

L-lovebitten net-circle YES
L-lovebitten net-circle NO

Do you fully rely upon
synthetic blood (i.e.:
True Blood, Life Support,
Royalty, etc.):

L-lovebitten net-circle YES
L-lovebitten net-circle NO
L-lovebitten net-circle N/A

  • Note: "True Blood" should have been written as "Tru Blood" in the last question.
Have you "come out of the coffin":

L-lovebitten net-circle YES
L-lovebitten net-circle NO
L-lovebitten net-circle N/A

What five words best describe you:

L-lovebitten net-box

Are you a smoker:

L-lovebitten net-circle YES
L-lovebitten net-circle NO
L-lovebitten net-circle SOMETIMES

Are you a drinker:

L-lovebitten net-circle YES
L-lovebitten net-circle NO
L-lovebitten net-circle SOCIALLY

What's your favorite movie:
What's your favorite book:
List Your Interests:

L-lovebitten net-box
L-lovebitten net-box
L-lovebitten net-box

List any Special Abilities:
List Turn Ons:
Detail Your Ideal Match:

L-lovebitten net-box
L-lovebitten net-box
L-lovebitten net-box

  • Note: The final question possessed a much larger box which allowed the user to describe exactly what they were looking for in a person. There was no character limit and users could type as much as they could. Unfortunately, no evidence exists within the page's coding to indicate that replies were sent to any official forum, and as creating accounts were always disabled, it is likely that all user information is lost.

Thank YouEdit

Clicking "Submit" at the bottom of the questionnaire leads the user to the page thankyou.htm. While the user is thanked for their submission, a note below informs the user that there are too many entries, that the user should browse the profiles provided, and they would be working to resolve the issue.


Due to the high volume of entries we are receiving at this time we are unable to complete your registration. Please take this opportunity to browse our user profiles while we work to resolve this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.


While the user is never given a way to complete their registration, the Sign-In page exists to make the page appear legit. Clicking "Sign-In" will lead the user to the page signin.htm, where there is a message saying the site is undergoing maintenance, and that the user was invited to browse the profiles provided while they work to resolve the issue.


To provide you with the best in human/vampire dating, we are refreshing our sign-in database. Please take this opportunity to browse our user profiles while we work to resolve this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.



#1 - Candice G Candice G.
#2 - Sarah R Sarah R.
#3 - Michael B Michael B.
#4 - Keidis N Keidis N.
#5 - John D John D.
#6 - Edie J Edie J.


#7 - Rafael P Rafael P.
#8 - Marie G Marie G.
#9 - Lei H Lei H.
#10 - Essa V Essa V.
#11 - Pao G Pao G.
#12 - Daphne L Daphne L.

Page BottomEdit

The bottom of the page does not contain the standard HBO copyright of the time. Instead, the How It Works and About Us links are repeated, followed by a link to the page:

Endorsed By True Blood on Logo-HBO
© 2008 Lovebitten

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