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Sookie and Barry are offered fruit

Lumiere Fruit was a piece of light bearing fruit which could be eaten in the Fairy Realm on the HBO original series True Blood. Series protagonist Sookie Stackhouse arrives with her fairy godmother to a land where Fairies are roaming and enjoying a brightly lit, round fruit. Sookie is offered a piece of the magical fruit, but after noticing the reaction from others around her, including her friend Barry Horowitz, she opts not to eat it. It seems the fruit keeps the Fairy bound to the land where there is no perception of time lost.

After escaping through a portal, Sookie's Granddaddy Earl jumped with her. He was warned not to go, as he had eaten the fruit. Back in the graveyard, Earl rapidly began to age until he died and turned to dust before Sookie. ("She's Not There")

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