Luna Garza joins the show as a major character in Season 4.

"She's Not There"Edit

A year after shooting his younger brother, Tommy Mickens, in the leg; Sam had found solace by finding a small group of shapeshifters to have group therapy sessions with. These fellow shapeshifters are animal activist Suzanne McKittrick, politically minded Emory Broome and teacher Luna Garza. After discussing issues in their private lives and providing support for one another over drinks and refreshments, the four shapeshifters strip off and transform themselves to horses, taking off into the night.

That same night, Sam begins flirting with Luna who seems to be interested in him too. He convinces her to open up to him and leans in for a kiss. After hesitating, Luna takes off and transforms back into a horse. The next day, Luna shows up at Sam's office and apologizes for last night. She tells Sam that she really wants to open up to him and the two kiss. Sam later escorts Luna out of his office and the two kiss again in public while Tommy jealously looks on. ("She's Not There")

"You Smell Like Dinner"Edit

At the next shifter support group meeting, the gang discuss "the most fucked up thing they ever shifted into". Luna is silent and somber while the others playfully banter. Luna reveals that she shifted into her mother. Seeing as it was previously believed by the others that shifters could not become humans, they are shocked by Luna. Luna informs them that her mother died giving birth to her and she was raised by her father and grandparents. Although Mexican on her mother's side, her father's side was part of the Navajo tribe and so she grew up with legends about skinwalkers. According to the Navajo, skinwalkers were evil witches whose powers allowed them to transform into any animal on Earth, including humans. The only way they gained this power was to kill another shifter; another member of their own family. This made Luna's life growing up rather difficult even though it wasn't her fault her mother died. ("You Smell Like Dinner")

"I'm Alive and on Fire"Edit

Some days after Sam visits her and they have some talk about her daughter Emma and her ex-husband who is a dangerous werewolf.("I'm Alive and on Fire")

"I Wish I Was the Moon"Edit

After days a decided Luna went to visit Sam the night he was missing from home and eventually met with Tommy who coincidentally have morphed into Sam. Acknowledged of the situation she makes love with him only to be fired out of the house later on. ("I Wish I Was the Moon")

"Cold Grey Light of Dawn"Edit

The following day, Sam attempts to set a date with Luna but she angrily blows him off for 'his' rude behavior the other night. They meet at the school and come to the conclusion that Tommy skinwalked into Sam and slept with Luna. ("Cold Grey Light of Dawn")


Sam tries to convince Luna to forgive him for Tommy's actions. Sam tells her that he has disowned Tommy. He says that he can forgive Tommy for killing their parents but not for what he did to Luna. ("Spellbound")

Marcus shows up at Luna’s house to tuck his daughter in. He is angry when he finds Sam there. Marcus tells Sam that he pissed on the wrong boots and leaves. ("Spellbound")

"Let's Get Out of Here"Edit

Luna urges Sam to leave her house because Marcus is not his problem. She tells him it will be worse for everyone if Marcus comes back and Sam is still there. Sam suggests a camping trip to help Emma forget the nights events. ("Let's Get Out of Here")

Luna and Sam are camping while Emma is chasing bunnies. Emma says that she longs to grow up and be a shifter. Sam hides and shifts into a bunny, delighting Emma. That night, Luna and Sam have sex in the tent. ("Let's Get Out of Here")

"Soul of Fire"Edit

Emma goes missing after school. Luna finds Sam and Alcide with Nate, one of Marcus's pack members, at the bike shop. Luna is furious and looking for Marcus. Sam is also searching for him, because he killed his younger brother Tommy. She says that he snatched Emma from her school. Emma calls Luna to say that Marcus has taken her to Alcide's house and that Marcus is with Alcide's girlfriend Debbie. The trio rush over and Sam asks Emma and Luna to wait outside. Sam fights with Marcus. Sam is going to leave him bloodied but alive but Marcus reaches for Sam's gun and Alcide kills him. Emma asks Sam where her dad is but Luna just hugs her. ("Soul of Fire")

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