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Notable features

A vampire who creates

another vampire
  • Calling a Progeny
  • Empathic link
  • Commands
  • Strength
  • Release


"Becoming a maker is an eternal commitment, greater than any marriage, deeper than any human bond."
Eric Northman to Pam[src]

Makers are vampires who have turned humans into vampires. The newborn vampire (known as a progeny) must then stay with their maker until they are released and know enough about the vampire laws. When a maker creates a new vampire, it is said that they turn the human.

Traits & AbilitiesEdit


"I renounce the ties of our blood, and my dominion over you as my progeny. As your maker, I release you."
Eric Northman to Pam[src]

A maker has a deep connection with his or her progeny, something that humans cannot fully understand or experience. During the transformation from human to vampire,  the maker and soon-to-be progeny "share their essence" whilst buried in the ground, a supernatural process that not even vampires understand.

Maker-progeny relationships vary between individuals. Vampires Rosalyn Harris and Bill Compton treat their progeny like humans treat children, and have an exclusively parental relationship. On the other hand, vampires Lorena Krasiki and Russell Edgington create progeny to prolong romantic and sexual relationships, and have spousal relationships with their progeny. 

Most vampires do not take becoming a maker lightly, as evidenced by Eric Northman, who has only produced two progeny in a millenia, and Bill Compton, who has produced one in 175 years. However, Pam Swynford De Beaufort has admitted to creating a progeny out of curiosity, and Rosalyn Harris has created 204 progeny in 211 years.

A progeny may turn a vampire and become a maker themselves while still under the influence of their own maker. The grandparent/grandmaker has no control over the grandchild/grandprogeny.

Maker abilities Edit

A maker has a certain amount of conrtol over their progeny due to the maker-progeny bond.


Pam sensing Eric's "call". (click for animation)

  • Calling: a maker can "call" their progeny by saying their name out loud, causing the progeny to become aware their maker is calling out for them. The progeny experiences a shiver, and may be able to tell where their maker is.
  • Empathic link: a maker can sense any pain or duress the progeny undergoes, and know when a progeny has died. It is unknown if a progeny can sense these in their maker.
  • Commanding: a maker can force their progeny to do anything they want, as long as they say "as your maker, I command you", given that the progeny hasn't been released.
  • Strength: as strength increases with age, most makers are stronger than their progenies. However, three vampires have slain their makers: Godric, Russell Edgington, and Macklyn Warlow
  • Releasing: if a maker says "as your maker, I release you", their progeny will be released from the maker-progeny bond, and cannot be controlled anymore. Following release, a maker can still call their progeny, but the progeny will not be compelled to answer the call.

List of Known MakersEdit

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