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A vampire who creates

another vampire
  • Calling a Progeny
  • Empathic link
  • Commands
  • Strength
  • Release


"Becoming a maker is an eternal commitment, greater than any marriage, deeper than any human bond."
Eric Northman to Pam[src]

Makers are vampires who have turned humans into vampires. The newborn vampire (known as a progeny) must then stay with their maker until they are released and know enough about the vampire laws. When a maker creates a new vampire, it is said that they turn the human.

Traits & AbilitiesEdit


"I renounce the ties of our blood, and my dominion over you as my progeny. As your maker, I release you."
Eric Northman to Pam[src]

A maker has a very deep connection with his or her progeny, something that no human can fully understand. During the transformation from human to vampire, both the maker and soon-to-be progeny are buried together during which they 'share their essence', a supernatural process that not even vampires understand.

The relationship between maker and progeny varies between individuals and in many cases depends on a given vampire's personal outlook. At one end of the spectrum, vampires like Rosalyn Harris and Bill Compton treat their progeny as a human would treat their children and have exclusively parental relationships with them. On the other hand, vampires like Lorena Krasiki and Russell Edgington create progeny to keep lovers close and continue their romantic and sexual relationships. Godric turned Eric Northman for reasons that are not entirely clear, but is suggested to have turned Nora Gainesborough so that the vampire race might benefit from her keen political mind. Most vampires do not take becoming a maker lightly; Eric has been a vampire for 1,000 years, yet only produced two progeny, and his own maker is only known to have had one progeny besides Eric. On the other hand, Pam turned Tara because she wanted a favor from Sookie and admitted to creating another progeny purely out of curiousity (although once Tara was turned, Pam took her duties as a maker seriously), and Rosalyn seems to have gone a bit stir-crazy with 204 progeny.

Progeny may become a maker even if they are still under the influence of their own maker. 

Abilities Edit

A maker has a certain amount of conrtol over their progeny.

  • PAmSensingEric
    Pam sensing Eric's "call". (click for animation)
    Calling a Progeny - The maker can "call" his/her progeny whenever he wants. To the progeny this feels like a shiver all over their body. It possibly also reveals the progeny where his/her maker is.
  • Empathic link - Makers can sense if their progeny dies, is in pain or duress. It is unknown if a progeny can sense the death or pain of their maker.
  • Commands - Makers can force their progenies to do anything they want. They just have to include the words "As your maker, I command you". These words have no effect if the progeny was previously released.
  • Release - When the a maker says the words "As your maker, I release you", his/her progeny is completely released of any control from his/her maker forever. After release, the progeny can still be called, but they will have no difficulty ignoring it.
  • Strength - Makers are mostly stronger than their progenies because of the age. There are however, rare cases where the progeny directly overpowers his or her master, without any external help. So far, only 3 vampires have been confirmed to have slain their makers: Godric , Russell Edgington and Macklyn Warlow. Coincidentally, they also happen to be the 3 oldest vampires to have physically appeared on the show. Another thing to note is that of these 3, only Warlow was actually portrayed as killing his maker on-screen, while the other 2 were revealed to have done so in off-screen interviews.

List of Known MakersEdit

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