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Marcus Bozeman

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"You've just pissed on the wrong boots my friend."
―Marcus Bozeman, to Sam Merlotte[src]

Marcus Bozeman was a werewolf packmaster on the HBO original series True Blood. Played by American guest starring actor Dan Buran, Marcus makes his debut on the episode "Me and the Devil" in the series' fourth season. The packmaster of the pack of werewolves from Shreveport, Louisiana, Marcus plays a recurring role through the same season. Serving as secondary antagonist through Season 4, Marcus met an untimely demise at the hands of Alcide Herveaux, on the episode "Soul of Fire" in the series' fourth season, and was seen once more, as a corpse, on the episode "Turn! Turn! Turn!", at the beginning of the series' fifth season.


A charismatic and fearless leader, Marcus is extremely dedicated to his pack, and is determined to resist its' corruption by use of V or subjugation by vampires such as Russell Edgington; while his temper is on a very short fuse, Marcus is not genuinely cruel and does not kill humans for sport. Although Marcus' authority is final, he recognizes the potential of wolves such as Alcide and encourages them to take the initiative. When Marcus dies, the stability and purity of the pack falls apart rapidly under the leadership of J.D., a former candidate for packmaster and secretly a V addict.

Despite this, Marcus is in fact quite emotionally unstable in his private life; he is particularly possessive of his daughter and jealous of his ex-wife, Luna (a shifter) whenever she has a relationship, stalking them on occasion.  He also makes advances on Debbie Pelt after assuring Alcide on a previous occasion (truthfully) that he did not want to get between them; from these behaviors, it can be presumed that Marcus' temper and pride can be easily provoked, overshadowing his more admirable traits in the pack.  The only virtue about Marcus in his private life is his deep love for his young daughter, Emma (who also becomes a werewolf) and he damages this when he abducts her from Luna's home.



Season 4Edit

"Me and the Devil"Edit

Marcus appears on Alcide's door step. He tells Alcide that he is the packmaster of Shreveport. He claims to be angry that Alcide hasn't registered with the pack. Alcide makes him leave. ("Me and the Devil")

"I Wish I Was the Moon"Edit

Alcide returns home to find that Debbie has let Marcus in. He explains that he wants a werewolf like Alcide in his pack. Alcide makes him leave, but not before asking Debbie if he'd be seeing her later; which she replied yes. ("I Wish I Was the Moon")

"Cold Grey Light of Dawn"Edit

Marcus holds a ceremony to initiate Alcide and Debbie into their pack. ("Cold Grey Light of Dawn")


Marcus summons his pack to discuss the Vampire and Witches war. Marcus forbids his Werewolves to get involved. After the announcement Marcus tells Alcide that he is an alpha and could move up in the pack. Alcide says that he is not political.

Marcus shows up at Luna’s house and wants to tuck his daughter in and finds Sam there. Marcus is furious; he tells Sam that he pissed on the wrong boots and leaves. ("Spellbound")

"Let's Get Out of Here"Edit


Marcus talk with Tommy

Marcus goes to Merlotte's looking for Sam. He finds Sam's brother Tommy Mickens. He asks about Sam's whereabouts but Tommy claims not to know. Marcus hands him a card and tells Tommy to have Sam meet him at the Bike Shop that night.

Tommy uses his Skinwalker abilities to shift into Sam's likeness and goes to see Marcus. Alcide has since decided to step up in the ranks of the pack, and is there to provide muscle for Marcus. Tommy upsets Marcus when he mentions how he hasn't slept with Luna but his brother has. They beat him until Alcide forces them to stop. Tommy shifts back into himself while unconscious; Marcus and the others are horrified that they beat down a teenage boy. Alcide quickly carries him away. ("Let's Get Out of Here")

"Burning Down the House"Edit


Marcus is killed by Alcide

Tommy dies from his injuries. Alcide tells Sam what happened and Sam vows to avenge his death.

Marcus is with Debbie and he is looking for Alcide when the two begin to flirt. She wants to have a baby and is telling Marcus that Alcide doesn’t want kids. He said she should hook up with another wolf and Debbie says "I'm just about ready". ("Burning Down the House")

"Soul of Fire"Edit

Marcus tries to convince Debbie to go with him and Emma, Debbie refuses. Sam and Alcide bust into the room and Sam is aiming a gun at Marcus. Sam tells him, his brother is dead and also says he will kill Marcus. After Marcus says Sam would hide behind his gun, he puts it down and fights him. Sam eventually manages to hold Marcus down but he doesn't kill him. Marcus gets back up, takes Sam's gun and tries to shoot him but is interrupted by Alcide, who throws him back on the floor and crushes his throat with one blow, killing him. ("Soul of Fire")

Season 5Edit

"Turn! Turn! Turn!"Edit

Sam leads Marcus' pack to where he was buried. Once his pack digs up Marcus' body Martha, his mother, and JD Carson shift and begin to eat his body. ("Turn! Turn! Turn!")

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Marcus, angry.

Marcus was a Werewolf packmaster, meaning he displayed leadership skills between his pack, although apparently had a bad temper that clouded his judgement very often. Although never seen in wolf form, Werewolves are known to be more powerful than a Human, but weaker than a Vampire of a moderate age. In Human form however he showed the same strengths as any Human, needing assistance to fight Sam (Shapeshifters are supposedly weaker than weres), and later being defeated in an one-on-one fight against him; however, this could also imply that Sam is a strong shifter. In Human form he displayed heightened senses and he can make his eyes glow by will or strong emotions.



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Season four appearances
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* Corpse only, uncredited