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Mavis's Son is an mixed race newborn boy born to Mavis and Virgil. He appears in Season 4 of True Blood.


Mavis's son is born of an affair between Virgil and Mavis, which resulted in a pregnancy. Afraid of being shunned by his family and friends for having an affair with an African-American woman, Virgil kills the child and tells Mavis never to mention it to anyone. He then murders Mavis, and buries the bodies of both Mavis and her child under a tree.

Season 3Edit

Mavis's spirit becomes attached to a doll she had previously bought for her child, which is found in the new home of Hoyt Fortenberry and Jessica Hamby a century later. ("Evil is Going On")

Season 4Edit

After Jessica gifts the doll to Mikey Bellefleur, Mavis mistakes him for her own son, and begins haunting Mikey by singing lullabies and trying to hold him. These events are witnessed by medium Lafayette Reynolds. ("I Wish I Was the Moon")("Cold Grey Light of Dawn")

Lafayette later dreams of Mavis's past, and sees the murder of her son. After Lafayette awakens from his dream, he is possessed by Mavis. Later that night, he kidnaps Mikey. ("Spellbound")

The next morning, Lafayette storms into the house where Mavis and her son died with Mikey and forces Hoyt to leave at gunpoint. A second medium, Jesus Velasquez, arrives and is able to calm Mavis, helping her to relive her final moments on earth. Mavis reveals what her death was like, and that she and her son still remain buried under the same tree in the backyard.

Mavis begins to understand that Mikey is not her son, and returns him to his parents, apologizing to them for the mistake. Terry Bellefleur and Jesus dig up the remains of Mavis and her long-deceased child. Mavis, still in Lafayette's body, cradles her child's remains until Jesus tells her it's time to go. He grips onto her shoulder, chanting, as Mavis ejects her spirit from Lafayette's body. Mavis thanks him, and is reunited with her son, just before the two vanish together happily. ("Let's Get Out of Here")

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