Moon Goddess Emporium

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Magic/occult shop,

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The Moon Goddess Emporium is an occult shop located in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The Moon Goddess Emporium is also the location where the owner, Marnie Stonebrook, practices witchcraft with her coven.

Season 4Edit

Lafayette first visits the emporium in the season premiere at the urging of his boyfriend Jesus, a member of the coven. Holly is also a member.("She's Not There") It is here that Eric forces the coven to stop meeting, and attacks Marnie, causing Antonia to possess her for the first time and wipe Eric's memory ("You Smell Like Dinner"). Sookie later visits the store to get information on Marnie. ("Me and the Devil") The witches continue to meet at the Emporium and work their magic, casting the "Resurrection" spell that would have caused all vampires in Louisiana to meet the sun ("Cold Grey Light of Dawn"). But when most of the coven (and Tara) start to have second thoughts on their war with the vampires, Antonia casts a spell to trap them inside. ("Let's Get Out of Here")

It is later revealed that Marnie/Antonia not only cast a physical force field surrounding the store, but also a mental spell causing people to subconsciously avoid the general area, leaving that section of Shreveport deserted. Meanwhile, Bill has gathered his closest allies to stage a final assault on Marnie/Antonia at the store, with no regard for the people held hostage within. ("Burning Down the House")

The members of Moon Goddess Emporium's covenEdit

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This brick building actually held a costume shop named "Dracula's Closet" and was last known as "Francisco's Costume Shop". It might have been vacant when they shot this scene. You will find this location at 15834 E. Main Street, in the old downtown section of La Puente, Ca. The shop is located on the southeast corner of Main and 1st Street. The city of La Puente is located about 15 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

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