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Nigel Beckford

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"Newborns! I mean, just so... succulent."

Nigel Beckford is a recurring character in the fifth season. He is played by guest star Henri Lubatti and debuts in "Authority Always Wins". He is a grotesque-looking vampire, with a disturbing appetite for babies blood.



Nigel was once a nurse practitioner in a maternity ward, but instead of delivering babies, he would eat them, leading to him being arrested by the Vampire Authority, and imprisoned in the cells beneath their New Orleans headquarters.

Season 5Edit

"Authority Always Wins"Edit

Nigel is seen in the cells locked away with Eric, Bill and Nora. The UV machine they use to burn vampires has taken it's toll on Nigel. His skin is now badly burnt. ("Authority Always Wins")

"Let's Boot and Rally"Edit

"Drew is goo!"
―Nigel to Nora[src]

Nigel taunts Nora with the knowledge that she caused Alexander's death. ("Let's Boot and Rally")

"In the Beginning"Edit

Nigel is released by Salome and joins along with the Sanguinistas. ("In the Beginning")

"Somebody That I Used to Know"Edit

Nigel returns to the Authority with the rest of the Sanguanistas and expresses his happiness that he ate a child for the first time in ten years. However he does not join them again at a meeting to crush the mainstreamers. ("Somebody That I Used to Know")

Season 6Edit

"Who Are You, Really?"

It is assumed Nigel was destroyed when the Authority headquarters was blown up with everyone else in the building.


Season five appearances
"Turn! Turn! Turn!" "Authority Always Wins" "Whatever I Am, You Made Me" "We’ll Meet Again"
"Let's Boot and Rally" "Hopeless" "In the Beginning" "Somebody That I Used to Know"
"Everybody Wants to Rule the World" "Gone, Gone, Gone" "Finally" "Save Yourself"

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