Pam Season 5x03

Pam, circa (1905)

"We traveled the world together. Killing, fuckin', and laughing."
―Pam to Eric[src]


Pam was born in 1871, the daughter of a wealthy London businessman and his peerage wife. They groomed her to be a respectable young lady of society. This bored Pam to no end and she spent most of her 20's breaking engagements and young man's hearts.

Pam 1905 5x2

Pam (circa 1905)

In 1905 San Francisco, Pam is running a brothel as a Madam. When one of her girls does not return, she enters the room to find her slain in bed. Later, while walking alone at the night, she is attacked in the streets. The man puts a knife to her throat. As he does, Eric Northman swoops in and takes him out, slashing his throat. He is obviously smitten with Pam, telling her how lovely her dress is. He apologizes for the mess and gives her money to cover the cost of it. She says "Thank you Mister", before he vanishes at vampire speed. ("Authority Always Wins")

The following night, Pam shows Eric her prostitutes. She tells him she has something to satisfy every man's fancy even the most exotic ones. She proceeds by showing him a Chinese woman they call Rubber Ruby, who is very flexible. Eric replies "Delightful, but it is you i came to see". Pam replies that a good merchant doesn't compete with her merchandise to which Eric states a good costumer knows everything has its price.

Later Pam is shown watching Lorena and the young vampire Bill feeding and killing one of Pam's girls, Eric intervenes at the behest of Pam. He forces Lorena and Bill to leave the Comstock brothel after apologizing to Pam. She requests they pay 500 dollars for every girl they drained, to which Lorena agrees. The couple leaves after Eric tells Lorena to get Bill under control. Pam tells Eric they have a debt to settle.

Eric and Pam are cuddling in bed. Pam questions Eric about life as a vampire, and he tells her it takes many of her life times to answer that question. She asks him to make her vampire. He refuses at first, saying that becoming a maker is a huge responsibility. Pam then asks Eric to turn her and leave her as she is confident she can take care of herself. He still refuses and puts on his clothes as he prepares to leave, Pam walks up to a dresser with her back to Eric. She cuts her arms open, then faces him crying.  Shocked, Eric asks her "What have you done?". As blood gushes out of her arms pam tells him "Let me walk the world with you Mr. Northman, or watch me die". After some serious internal debate Eric agrees, flashing up to Pam with vampire speed and starts to turn her.

During her early years of being a vampire, Pam has a sexual relationship with Eric. This fade over time. Afterwards, the pair formed an extremely close bond, comparable to that of a father and daughter. Pam appears to have stayed with Northman for most of her vampire life, as she references having been with him for "a hundred years". When Eric took up the mantle of Vampire Sheriff of Area 5 in Louisiana under Queen Sophie-Anne, Pam became his second in command in the area.

After the Great Revelation, they established a vampire bar, Fangtasia, along with another vampire named Longshadow.

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