"Holy shit gentleman. Do not tell me you'd put our entire species at risk for a gash in a sundress! "
―Pam, to Eric and Bill[src]
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Pam is requested by Nan Flanagan of the American Vampire League to make a public service announcement for television in their campaign to assure the American population that vampires pose no threat to humanity. However, Pam's deadpan delivery to the camera does not impress Nan so Eric Northman takes over Pam's position. Later, Pam is working at Fangtasia when she notices that young vampire Jessica is tempted by a fangbanger named Matt, despite Jessica being in a committed relationship with Hoyt Fortenberry. Pam meets Jessica in the restroom and advises her to dump Hoyt and embrace her true animalistic nature as a vampire, making fun of Jessica's monogamy while she does so. Jessica gets annoyed with Pam, believing Pam to be just jealous about Jessica's deep love for Hoyt. Pam simply laughs this off. ("She's Not There")

Protesters outside of Fangtasia antagonize customers as Pam looks on with a wan smile. Jessica and Hoyt try to leave, but one of them insults Jess, calling her a whore, while another bears witness with a cell phone camera. Hoyt steps in to defend her honor and one of them picks a fight. Hoyt gets pummeled. Jessica moves to help him but Pam holds her back, admitting that technology has taken all the fun out of being a vampire.
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Pam pays Jessica a visit in Fangtasia

At Fangtasia, Sookie pleads with Pam to try to convince Eric to relinquish ownership of her house. Pam can't believe Sookie thought she would side with her on the issue. Sookie tells Pam that she's waiting for Eric in his office. But before she turns her back on Sookie completely, Pam advises Sookie to take Eric up on his offer. "With what you are, faerie princess, you need to be somebody or you won't be at all. Eric is handsome, he's rich, and in his own way, he cares about you. He really does." Sookie still declines, saying that she will never be Eric Northman's puppet. "Shame for you, then," Pam coos. "He pulls good string." ("You Smell Like Dinner")

After Eric has had his memory wiped by the witches, Sookie phones her at the club while she is feeding on her new fangbanger. She answers the phone and instantly appears at Sookie's home after hearing distress about Eric. She tells Sookie she must look after him as Bill is looking for any excuse or weakness to get rid of Eric. She also tries to threaten Sookie by rushing over to her at vampire speed but Eric protects Sookie. He pushes Pam across the floor, making her slide on a rug. Pam the suggests that he stay there while she tries to come up with a way to fix things.


Pam and her new fangbanger

Tara is naturally upset that only a couple of days in Bon Temps and already is attacked by a vamp. She does urge Lafayette to stay away from Fangtasia, but of course he goes and is attacked by Pam. Luckily Tara and Jesus make it just in time, but to protect themselves Tara has brought with her a gun with wooden bullets and points it at Pam, she compromises and say "I'll give you 24 hours to deliver that witch to me, and if you don't then I will personally eat, fuck and kill all three of you." ("If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?")

Bill visits Pam at Fangtasia. He is questioning the whereabouts of Eric, but Pam tells him she knows nothing. Marnie has a dream about a Spanish witch being burnt at the stake. She wakes tormented, her eyes aflame as before. Jesus, Lafayette and Tara are still begging her to reverse the memory loss spell she cast on Eric or they'll have to deal with Pam and other Vampires. She claims she has tried, but had no luck. Frustrated that they cannot find the proper incantation, a book mysteriously flies off a shelf and lands on the shop floor. Marnie picks up the book and realizes it contains a spell that should reverse the curse.


Pam's face is cursed by Marnie (Antonia)

With the spell book in hand, Marnie attempts to reverse the spell. Outdoors in a circle, Marnie, Pam, Lafayette and Tara stand. Marnie begins to chant, while Pam continues to complain and threaten about her powers and magic spells not working and taking too long. Suddenly, Marnie drops her spell book and gets a strange look on her face. She starts chanting again in Spanish. Pam's facial skin starts to change in a decaying format and begins to burn. She lifts her hand and touches her cheek, a chunk of skin coming off. She is starting to look like a corpse, she screams and leaves in vampire speed. Marnie, her eyes filled with the fire spirit, smiles again, then faints dead away. ("I'm Alive and on Fire")

Pam seeks help from Bill on reversing Marnie's spell, as the Vampire Healing power isn't able to overcome it. They capture Marnie who, while in a cell and glamoured by Bill, claims she cannot reverse the spell she cast on Pam's face. Later, Pam goes to a meeting with Bill and the four remaining Louisiana Sheriffs. She accidentally tells the room that Eric had his memory erased, something she shouldn't know if she hasn't seen him since he disappeared. Bill grabs Pam and insists she tells him where Eric is. Pam admits that Eric is at Sookie's, then says an apology aloud toward Eric. ("Me and the Devil")

True Blood S4 ep.7(25)

Eric see's Pam in the same cell King Bill has locked them in. He asks why her face is covered, and she reveals her rotting face. She tries to make Eric realize who he truly is, but he says he is not that vampire anymore. Later, Eric get's Pam released from the cell. She surprises Tara and Naomi in the parking lot at Merlotte's. She is looking for revenge. ("I Wish I Was the Moon")

The fight between Pam, Tara and Naomi is cut short when Bon Temps locals begin to film the fight, and due to the new vampire laws set by the AVL, Pam has no choice but to let Tara and Naomi go, knowing if a vampire is caught on film killing a human then that vampire will be punished with the true death. Plus she is very insulted and angered by the local's as when Pam is holding Tara up in a choking maneuver they see her rotting spell, and ask if she is a zombie. However, before she flees Merlotte's parking lot Pam vows revenge on Tara for her part in the curse.

Pam returns to Fangtasia, where she has employed Dr. Ludwig to help cure her of her decomposing state. The doctor makes her undergo a painful body peel, removing nearly all of her skin and leaving only the muscles underneath. However, Dr. Ludwig explains there is a catch to this treatment; as she is not a Witch, the doctor cannot break the curse that is causing Pam to decompose. However, she can hide the decomposition by removing the dying skin and with injections of a special drug that will aid in the healing process. This will restore Pam's former appearance, but she will have to give herself six injections of the drug four times a day for the rest of her immortal existence.

Dr. Ludwig after been asked why she is being paid; "I can make you look pretty again, or at least what you looked like before, whatever you call that"

A few hours after her treatment Pam is made aware of Antonia's plan to make all vampires meet the sun, and she moves her baby pink coffin to Fangtasia's basement. By this time she has regrown several layers of skin, but still retains a corpse-like appearance. She has Ginger bind her with a sheet of silver chain-mail, and instructs Ginger to hold her in place should she try and meet the sun under the influence of Antonia's spell. That morning, Antonia's spell is cast, and Pam, along with every other vampire in the area, attempts to immolate herself in the sunlight. However, the silver holds with Ginger's help, and Pam survives. ("Cold Grey Light of Dawn")

Pam was present at the graveyard with Bill Eric and Sookie but also his human commandos as well as a number of vampires Antonia reacts to this by chanting a spell that causes immense masses of fog to fill the graveyard, which in turn starts the battle. During the fight, Pam catches Tara and is about to kill her when Bill comes and tells Pam he commands her not to touch Tara now and forever. ("Spellbound")

Pam finds Eric at the Compton house, his memory restored. She asks how they got Antonia to break the curse. Eric says that she didn’t; Sookie did. He tells her that they will talk about that later. Bill is planning to kill Antonia. Pam, Eric and Jessica accompany him to the Moon Goddess Emporium to attack the witches. ("Burning Down the House")


Pam fires a rocket

Pam, Eric, Bill and Jessica are getting ready to blow up Moon Goddess Emporium, but they are interrupted by Jason who explains that Sookie is inside and he shows them the protection spell around the Emporium. Suddenly, Kirsch and Duprez come out of seemingly nowhere, attacking the vampires. When Bill has somehow staked Duprez, Pam pulls Kirsch's "vintage Cartier" necklace from her neck just before Bill kills her. Marnie comes out and tries to co-operate with the vampires by trading Sookie if both Bill and Eric kill themselves. They agree, Pam gets angry and says "No fucking way I'm watching you die for this bitch" Pam then grabs the bazooka and fires a rocket to stop them. The shield stops the rocket, which explodes toward those outside the shield. None of the vampires get seriously hurt, but the blast causes Jason to get seriously burned and blinded but he is given vampire blood and heal fast. Furious, Eric berates Pam for attacking Marnie with Sookie standing there, as Sookie could have been killed by the blast as well. Marnie casts a spell which causes the vampires to walk towards the shield, which can kill them. The curse is Broken when Sookie use her powers. Pam tries to apologize to Eric, saying she knew the rocket wouldn't penetrate the shield. Eric, still pissed, tells Pam to leave before he kills her. Shattered, Pam dashes away. ("Soul of Fire")

At Fangtasia, Pam is throwing a fit over Sookie seemingly stealing Eric away from her and bursts into tears over losing her Maker, because of this she is comforted by Ginger. After Marnie died, so did the spell effecting Pam's face.

"Sookie, I am so over Sookie and her precious fairy vagina and her unbelievably stupid name. Fuck Sookie!"


  • This is the first season in which Pam is present in almost the whole series apart from one episode.
  • This is the second season in a row since becoming a regular cast member, that she has spent at least some of the episode suffering: in the third season she is tortured with silver by the Magister and she is made to rot by Marnie/Antonia. Oddly both time the suffering only ended for her when the person who inflicted the suffering died.
  • In this season we see that Pam almost despise Tara, as Tara threatened her with wooden bullets, this leads to her targeting her anger of the coven to Tara. This links to the next season where, when asked to turn dying Tara she say; "Turn her?, I don't even like her."
  • Pam steps up and takes on a mothering role to Eric making sure Sookie was looking after him to keep him safe.
  • We see that Pam is a physically strong vampire probably fueled by her rage as she has no effort to defend herself and attack Tara and Naomi (Both professional cage fighters)

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