"I hate the beach. Fish piss and sand in your cooch."
Pam to Tara[src]
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Jason, Jessica, Tara, Pam and Nora escape through the stairwells. As they are leaving, the building explodes. Jason wants to go back for Sookie just as Pam wants to go back for Eric. Nora however, insists that they must keep moving.

Eric and Sookie pull up next to the compound in a stolen authority SUV and pick up Nora, Pam, Jessica and Tara in order to escape. Before they leave, the compound explodes. They see a blood covered Bill fly out from the burning wreckage just before speeding off themselves.

Eric stops the car at a desolate beach, saying he needs to speak with Nora in private. Meanwhile, Tara goes to help Pam who is obviously upset with Eric. 

Pam and Eric S6

Eric and Pam.

As Jason leaves the scene Jessica begins to look sick and cries out in pain. She says Bill is summoning her but this summoning is obviously more powerful than a normal one. As Eric tries to stop Jessica from answering Bill's call Jessica begins to puke blood all over Eric and drops to the ground writhing in pain. Jessica screams for Bill to stop and says it feels like his hands are crushing her heart so she rips her shirt revealing a dark black wound appearing on her chest. Sookie, not wanting Jessica to die, demands to take Jessica to Bill which even Eric isn't a big fan of. He declares that Sookie can take Jessica to Bill by herself. Tara attempts to go with Sookie to protect her but Eric quickly thwarts her plan. He tells Pam to go to Fangtasia with Tara and he and Nora will meet them there later.


Pam: "I hate the beach. Fish piss and sand in your cooch."

Pam and Tara make it back to Fangtasia. Tara confronts Pam's actions regarding Eric judging Pam that she is Northman's puching bag. As they argue about Eric there is a knock on the door, which happens to be the American government giving Pam her notice of the closing of all vampire businesses. Pam tries to play coy with one of the humans who raises his gun at her face and tells her to get on her knees. Seeing this enrages Tara, causing her to threaten the soldier. Without a thought he shoots Tara with some sort of the new anti vampire weapon and she falls behind the bar screaming in agony.("Who Are You, Really?").

When the soldiers leave, Pam runs to Tara to help her. She holds her hand at the same time when Eric enters fangtasia together with Nora. Pam says to Eric what happened here and the fact that Tara is not healing.

Nora, Pam, Tara and Eric who holds the silver bullet.

Inside her there is a silver bullet which burns her skin by a radioactive light. Eric pulls out it. All of them understand that the humans are fighting back against them with new guns. Pam shouts to Nora and says that when they had Tru Blood  everything was peaceful but now the vampires are going crazy. She was never affraid of humans but now she does. She says that they should be scared because there are more of them than they. She blaims the Vampire Authority and Nora.("The Sun").

The next night Eric kidnaps the daughter of the governor, Willa Burrell, and brings her in fangtasia something which make Pam and Tara to irritate.

Tara and Pam at Ginger's house.

Pam wants from Eric to kill her because her father closed her bussines, but Tara disagrees and says that that's why humans hate them. Eric asks from them to pick up their things and to leave from fangtasia. Then, all together go to the house of Ginger for protection. Αt the end, however, the Burrell's soldiers find them, so they were forced to leave. Eric and Pam go to the room where Willa is so they can take her with them, but she is disappeared due to Tara.("You're No Good").

Pam Season 4

Pam argues with Tara.

Pam and Eric are in a sewer because somewhere there is Tara. Eric says to Pam to call her again. When Tara comes, Eric asks her where is Willa and she answers that they will never know. Pam commands her to tell them but Tara doesn't say nothing. Eric jumps to her and drops her down and shouts to Tara, until she says that Willa is in the fairground I-20. The next night, Pam and Tara are searching for food. They find a gas station, close to the railways, hoping that someone is in and is willing to give blood to them. When they are ready to get inside, they arguing about Willa because Pam wants her dead but Tara doesn't. Pam says to her that they have a war while Tara continues to walk away. The same moment, the soldiers find Pam and shoots her with the silver bullets. Pam falls to the ground and starts screaming. Tara listens her, and goes back from a truck so she can watch them.("At Last").

Eric stands waiting to meet up with his group as he had planned when Tara Thornton shows up and reveals that Pam Swynford De Beaufort had been taken by the LAVTF. Eric decides the best course of action is to get captured and save her some how. Both Eric and Tara walk right up to a checkpoint and reveals themselves to be vampires to the LAVTF and they are apprehended. Meanwhile at the Vamp Camp Pam is being walked down the halls by SWAT as she sees the unspeakable and even strange expiriements being performed on the captured vampires. Eric and Tara are separated as they enter the camp but Eric whispers to Tara to find Pam before he is taken away. Pam is in the camp in a room that looks like a therapists office with a human sitting across from her telling her to sit down. She does not comply and at first asks to be transferred to the room where they have sex. The doctor tells her that is for level three inmates only and she is level one.
Eric Pam Animation s6

Eric stands in front of Pam (Click for animation).

He tells her that she can comply and answer the questions she asks honestly she can feed on a living human or she can be bad and drink watered down True Blood. He begins asking her questions about what value she places on life. She answers rudely but honestly and is able to feed. Burrell is met by Sarah Newlin and brought into a room with a two way mirror showing into another round cell. Sarah reveals that her ex Steve Newlin has revealed a wealth of information that would prove to be in the govenors favor. Burrell speaks to Eric through an intercom and reveals that he has sent Willa to the camp as well to Eric's disbelief. They then que for a door to open in Eric's chamber and it reveals a stake. Eric picks it up and tells the Govenor he has no problem killing somebody. The door opens for his opponent to enter and it is Eric's progeny Pam which they had found due to Steve's intel on Northman. Pam and Eric stand there shocked with stakes in their hands but do not act.("F**k the Pain Away").

Pam and Eric levitate.

Eric and Pam face each other holding stakes in the white chamber at Vampire Camp with Truman Burrell, Sarah Newlin, Steve Newlin, the psychiatrist and Dr. Overlark watching on the other side of a two way mirror. It seems at first that they will not fight but Pam asks angirly if it is true that Eric had made a new vampire (Willa) and he tells her he has. They begin to levitate and appear as though they are going to strike each other when they fly past each other and open the vents where armed guards are hiding and pull them through the slots before killing them. They stake one of the guards through the two way mirror creating a hole. Eric looks through the hole and sees Steve Newlin knowing he is responsible. Guards then come and separate them.("Don't You Feel Me").

Imagepamtherapy S6E7

Pam in therapy.

Willa finds Pam in solitary but she is not chained up and Pam admits its because the psychiatrist likes her. Willa tells her that Eric sent her and told her to not drink the Tru Blood because it has Hepatitis V inside it and explains to her it's a new fatal strain. Pam tells her to tell only Tara and Jessica about the Tru Blood and no one else to make sure the humans don't realize they have caught on to their plan. Willa asks if Pam needs help getting into general population and Pam tells her to just get herself back to general population and she will get herself out of segregation. Pam meets with her psychiatrist and he begins to bring in SomChai but Pam tells him she is not hungry because she is horny. Intrigued, the psychiatrist probes her futher on her sexual desire and Pam begins to manipulate him sexually as she talks to him. She eventually tells him she will have sex with him if he puts her in general population. He tells her he can do that for her and they have sex.("In the Evening").

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