"I don't know what it is about me that makes people think I want to hear their problems. Maybe I smile too much. Maybe I wear too much pink. But please remember I can rip your throat out if I need to. And also know that I am not a hooker. That was a long, long time ago."

Jessica Hamby calls Pam seeking assistance, asking questions about how to dispose of a body.

Pam calls Eric to warn him about the Magister's ransacking of Fangtasia at the Queen's request, and is captured shortly afterward. ("9 Crimes")

Pam is bound and burned with silver by the Magister as punishment to Eric for selling V. Her life is threatened as a more severe punishment if he does not turn in the true responsible party. Eventually, Eric, Sophie-Anne, and Russell come to free Pam and have Russell and Sophie-Anne married by the Magister. The Magister refuses to release Pam and refuses to marry the couple, declaring his loyalty to the Authority. This angers Russell. Pam is freed and the Magister is tortured with the Magister's own silver tipped cane by Russell.


Pam held prisoner in Fangtasia basement

Pam taunts the Magister while he is being tortured. Russell eventually gets the Magister to declare him and Sophie-Anne husband and wife but the Magister tells them that the Authority will never recognize the marriage. After a while, Russell beheads the Magister, much to Sophie-Anne's, Eric's, and even Pam's surprise. ("Hitting the Ground")

Pam is the first to see Eric after murdering Talbot when he returns to Fangtasia. She is deeply unsettled by Eric's panic and lack of usual composure about his situation. Pam then sits in on Eric's interrogation by Nan Flanagan where she learns about Eric's past and the massacre of his family. Pam is put under house arrest along with Eric by the American Vampire League.

The next night, while still under house arrest, Pam confronts Eric about why he never told her about his family or Russell's part in the their deaths. Eric responds by telling her she didn't need to know and there isn't any reason for her to be carrying his pain. She then comments to Eric that "[They've] been through so much for so long, it can't end this quickly."

Pam crying over Eric (click for animation)

Eric then commands Pam that if he is to die she must make a new vampire. He tells her that "It's [her] time to be a Maker." Pam [breaks down into tears and kneels before Eric, crying into his chest. ("Everything Is Broken")

Pam then carries on getting angry at Eric in his preparations, snapping at him when he is making his will. She interrupts Eric and Sookie kissing with the famous line "Blah Blah Vampire Emergency Blah..." and then suggest he uses Sookie for Russell. Eric then confronts Pam when she starts crying noting that her lack of sentiment was his favorite quality of her.She says that he would have said and done anything to save Godric. This appears to set the ball rolling in Eric's mind about how he could possibly use Sookie as bait for Russell. ("I Smell a Rat")

When Bill comes storming into Fangtasia Pam is there, to stop him trying to get to Sookie and though Bill is nearly twice her age, she with the aid of liquid silver overpowers him, however; when Sookie and Yvetta chain Pam with silver, she tells them that they want to use Sookie as bait. Pam then calls Eric who is in the middle of talking to the dangerous Russell Edgington to tell him that Yvetta cleaned out the cash and Bill has left with Sookie. Pam is rescued by Ginger, who she then proceeds to feed on.


Eric: Come on. What’s this? - Pam: Nothin’. It’s the bleeds. (click for animation)

Just before Eric is about to sacrifice himself to kill Russell, Pam expresses her doubts about the plan they have come up with, but plays her part and persuades Russell to go outside with Eric.("Fresh Blood")

In the last episode Pam is targeted by Bill as she is privy to the knowledge that Sookie is part Fairy. Bill pretending to be Eric orders Reuben to kill Pam, she defeats Reuben and then proceeds to save Eric from his cement trap. She is last seen commenting about how she will never be able to get the cement out of her hair.("Evil is Going On")

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