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Dr. Patricia Ludwig

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"I can make you look pretty again, or at least what you looked like before, whatever you called that."
―Dr. Ludwig[src]

Dr. Patricia Ludwig (pronounced LOOD-vig) is a recurring character in the second and fourth seasons. She is played by co-star Marcia de Rousse and debuts in "Scratches". She is a doctor for supernatural beings. Marcia de Rousse portrays Dr. Ludwig in True Blood.


Season 2Edit


Dr. Ludwig is called by Eric after Sookie was poisoned by the claws of a maenad.

Sookie, who has a three-clawed scratch mark down her back, is worked on by Dr. Ludwig. The "doctor" says Sookie has been poisoned. Ludwig pours some kind of acid into Sookies wounds, then pulls out what looks like a claw. Ludwig removes the poison and Bill is able to give Sookie some of his blood. Pam and Chow return and tell Eric they found human tracks but that the scent was "distinctly animal." Bill will wait at the bar for Sookie to fully recover. Dr. Ludwig is very opinionated and doesn't seem at all intimidated by the vampires, as she tells Bill to back off, and Eric to fuck off as she walks out the door. ("Scratches")

Season 4Edit

"Cold Grey Light of Dawn"Edit


Dr. Ludwig helps Pam

The doctor returns to help Pam with a wrap over her face and body. As she pulls off the strips, Pam curses and demands for her to fix her. She tells Pam that it will not reverse the curse, but she can undo the decomposition of Pam's body. She prescribes Pam several daily injections that she would need to use for eternity. ("Cold Grey Light of Dawn")


  • Dr. Ludwig's answering machine states that she is not accepting new patients.


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