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To create and manipulate fire and kinetic force from the mind through the hands


Pyrokinesis, or Fire Manipulation, is the ability to control and manipulate Fire. On the HBO original series True Blood, Pyrokinesis is a power usually displayed by beings that possess supernatural powers, such as witches and demons.


This Pyrokinetic power was first displayed by a Demon when Jesus used it to separate the tie between Martonia. ("Soul of Fire")

Demon after using Pyrokinesis

According to the Southern Vampire Mysteries, (the novels equivalent to the True Blood television series), Pyrokinesis was a common power held by Demons, just as Photokinesis is for Fairies. They are able to produce and manipulate fire, projecting it from their mouths and hands, and controlling flame intensities.


This power is first shown when the Witch Marnie (with the powers of Antonia) cast a the Ring of Fire spell around Sookie Stackhouse. ("Soul of Fire")

Witches are able to conjure, summon and manipulate the elements, including fire in various ways. The most preferred element for conjuration is generally fire, due to its destructive and offensive properties. Other elements include water, wind, earth, lightning and the influencing of the weather.


The generic spell for fire conjuration:

  1. "Incendia"

As a witch, one spell you can use is the Conjuring Pyre Flames Spell :

  1. "Incendia de sanctimonia!"
  2. Once you say the spell you can control through hands (unclear if you keep the power forever)

Another powerful fire spell is the Ring of Fire Spell:

  1. "Occlude elemen incarcerae flamerum, circule incarcera."
  2. This spell will summon a large circle of fire that will imprison a victim and slowly begin to close in on them.

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