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Relationships are the connections felt or developed between two or more characters. Generally connected through blood or marriage, there are several relationships that occur on the HBO original series True Blood.

Generally revolving around the series' protagonist, Sookie Stackhouse, and her relationships with others, there are even more minor relationships that take place through the series' seven seasons.

Sex ChartEdit

There are so many relationships that take place throughout the series, in fact, that the television station MTV, as part of its MTV News segment, partnered with HBO to create and design an official "Sex Chart" to keep track of all of the major relationships that take place.


Major RelationshipsEdit

Sookie StackhouseEdit






  • Tara and Sam
  • Tara and Eggs
  • Sam and Luna
  • Bill and Lorena
  • Andy and Maurella
  • Jessica and Jason
  • Crystal and Jason
  • Amy and Jason
  • Dawn and Jason
  • Jesus and Lafayette
  • James and Lafayette


Trading CardsEdit

Relationship CardsEdit

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