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1st century BC
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  • General in the Army of the Holy Roman Empire
  • Friar
  • Musician
Sanguinista †
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Roman Master - Maker (destroyed) †
Godric - Vampire brother (destroyed) †

5 unnamed male progenies - Progeny
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  • All enhanced vampire abilities
  • Flight
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"The Authority has overextended its reach. They command us to identify with our prey. Preach to us to love our food. This isn't some fucking romance novel – this is war. Do you think humans will ever tolerate vampires? If we kneel to them, they will cut off our heads. Synthetic blood? Honestly – we should be bottling their blood! You could been something, Eric. If I had made you instead of Godric, you would be a vampire of legend by now. I could have taught you what my maker taught me: the way of the Sanguinista. The true path of the vampire!"

Remus, better known by his stage name Impaler, is an ancient, and powerful vampire in the True Blood Comic Book Series, the comic book series created to complement the HBO original series True Blood. Turned into a vampire by his maker, Roman Master, Remus is the vampire brother of Godric, the future Vampire Sheriff of Texas' Area 9.



Remus was "made" vampire over 2,000 years ago by a Roman slave trader, who would also turn Godric, although it is unclear which "brother" was created first. Before being turned Remus was branded with an intricate series of tribal tattoos which mirrored those of Godric, and would later insist on branding his own numerous progenies with similar markings.

Neuss, 1474-75Edit

Remus once served as a General in the Army of the Holy Roman Empire, and fought in the Siege of Neuss, where he encountered his "sibling's" progeny Eric Northman.

London, 1982Edit

While performing under is stage name "Impaler" at an underground punk rock nightclub in London Remus encountered a young vampire named Bill Compton. Instantly recognizing him for what he really was, and praising his fake Camden accent, the two vampires struck up a friendship which rapidly fell apart when Bill declined to become Remus' new "drinking buddy."

Volume 2Edit

Shortly before the Great Revelation Remus found himself at the top of the Authority's "blood list", that is to say a list of vampires deemed as "problematic" to the mainstreaming movement.

His ascension to the top of the "blood list" remains unknown, but two factors in particular may have played a part. According to Rosalyn Harris, Remus had attempted to take control and form the Sanguinistas into an organized council similar to that of the Authority. His addition on the list could have also been a result of his violent actions toward humans throughout the centuries. Whatever the case, Chancellor Nan Flanagan and the Authority had him "buried" and he is believed to have met the true death. Rosalyn refers to Remus's disposal as Flanagan's last great act. He was eventually released by his progenies and returned on Coffin Night to wreak havoc in Shreveport. After being defeated by Alcide Herveaux, Eric Northman, Sookie Stackhouse and Pam, he was placed in silver armor and left to burn in the sun.  

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Remus is over 2,000 years old and is therefore much stronger and faster than younger vampires such as Eric Northman and even slightly stronger than Salome. He's equal in power to vampires like Godric, but weaker than Russell Edgington, who was about 750 years older, and far weaker than Macklyn Warlow (5,545 years old), a vampire-hybrid about 3,500 years older, which in it self is older than any other vampire on the show to date, and there are probably no other ancient vampire who's made it to the common era.

Among his abilities, Remus also possesses the power of flight, a very rare ability but common for vampires of Godric's bloodline; Eric, Nora and Pam (vampires who learn to fly are often very old, often well over 500. Pam is only 140+ and Nora 350+).