Sam falls for Daphne

In season two Sam began to date Daphne, a new waitress he had hired at Merlotte's. The two bonded quickly as she also was a shapeshifter and they had a lot in common, Daphne was the closest relationship Sam has had up until this point. However, Daphne quickly betrayed him when she revealed she was working for Maryann Forrester, who was later revealed to be a Maenad that wanted to use Sam as a sacrifice. Sam managed to escape from Mary Ann by shifting into an owl and flying away. Later the following day Sam found Daphne, held her at gunpoint, and asked her why she betrayed him. This is how he learned that Daphne was using him all along and had been sent to Merlotte's by Maryann.


Sam destroying Maryann (Click for Animation)

In the finale, Sam, having shifted into a white bull, tricked Maryann into thinking he was the "god who comes." Convinced that the ritual had finally succeeded, she approached Sam and was willingly killed as he gored her in the heart with one of his horns. He then shifted back to a human, much to Maryann's surprise, and crushed her heart as she watched helplessly. At the end of the finale, Sam tracked down his foster parents and learned the location of his biological parents. ("Beyond Here Lies Nothin'")

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