1 Sam Surrounded by Weres 5x1

Sam is surrounded by werewolves. One morphs back into human form. She asks about the whereabouts of her packmaster Marcus Bozeman. She said he's been missing over 2 days. Sam shifts into an owl and escapes.

Sam shows up at Luna's house to warn her and Emma that a werewolf pack is looking for them and that they are in danger. Rikki arrives and threatens them. Sam says that he was the one who killed Marcus so that the pack will stay away from Luna and Emma.

Sam is tortured by the wolf pack and questioned about the whereabouts of Marcus' remains. Martha Bozeman arrives and introduces herself to Sam. Martha wants her son's body back so that they can get rid of him properly. Martha promises that if he leads them to Marcus' body, no harm will come to Luna or Emma. Sam agrees and says "Let's go".

Sam brings the pack to Marcus' body. The wolves dig him up and the remove him from his shallow grave. Before Rikki can throw Sam into the grave, Luna shows up with Alcide, who claims he was the one who killed Marcus. Two wolves bows to him, but the rest do not and force the two wolves to stand. They claim to never bow before him, but Alcide is "cool either way". The main older werewolf objecting is J.D.. The wolves shift and begin to eat Marcus' corpse.("Turn! Turn! Turn!")

Luna takes Sam home and cleans up his injuries. While Luna goes to check on Emma Martha arrives at her home. Sam tells her that Luna doesn't want to see her. Luna arrives back into the room and sees her, telling her to leave. Martha asks what will happen when Emma "turns". Martha states that she "feels" Emma is a werewolf, not a shifter. After she leaves, Sam tells Luna to be a bit easier on Martha. He is trying to reason with Luna, that Emma may be a werewolf. Luna barks at him in anger, and Sam is confused with her behavior. Luna says that Emma is her daughter. They argue longer until Sam eventually says "fuck you psycho". ("Authority Always Wins")

Sam takes a crate of empty beer bottles out of Merlotte's and runs into Tara. She is crying blood, revealing to Sam her new vampire nature. Sam asks what happened to her; Tara simply states that she's hungry.

Tara lines up drained bottles of Tru Blood on the bar of Merlotte's, demanding more from Sam. Sam attempts to call Lafayette and Sookie, but Tara refuses to allow him. Tara then passes out and Sam immediately realizes that the sun is rising and quickly tries to find a place to hide her.

Lafayette and Sookie arrive for work and Sookie asks Sam if he has seen Tara. He lies, but she reads his mind and discovers that he has put her in the walk in freezer. Sam freaks out at Sookie for her involvement in Tara becoming a vampire. Sookie tells him that she was going to die if she didn't do something about it. Sam tells Sookie that his brother died in his arms and wonders if he should have fought for him. From his perspective, he says Sookie gave Tara a second chance, and it's up to Tara in what she wants to do with it. With Tara in the freezer, Sookie tells Lafayette that they have to spend the day at work ensuring that no one walks in there and learns about her. During the morning Sheriff Andy Bellefleur questions Sam's employees about the disappearance of Debbie Pelt. Unbeknownst to Sam or Andy, Sookie killed Debbie for shooting Tara, which was what necessitated her turning.

Lafayette tries to give Tara a bottle of Tru Blood after she awakens in the Merlotte's freezer. Alcide pays Sookie a visit to ask about Debbie. Sookie immediately denies knowing anything and assures him that there is nothing going on. Tara throws Lafayette through the freezer door. Alcide, Sookie, Arlene and Sam quickly go to check on him. Sookie pretends to be oblivious to what happened to Tara and asks why she was in the freezer. Tara tells Sookie not to play dumb. Tara reveals her fangs, frightening Arlene. Tara warns all of them to stay away from her or she'll kill them, quickly leaving through the back door. ("Whatever I Am, You Made Me")

Arlene tells Sam that his friends Suzanne and Emory are asking for him in the bar. The shapeshifters ask him why he hasn't been coming around. Sam says that he has been under a lot of stress lately. They beg him to shift and run with them again. Sam says that it is not a good idea because he and Luna aren't on speaking terms. Suzanne reveals that Luna said the same thing, so they chose Sam over her. Sam agrees to meet them later that night.

Sam visits Suzanne and Emory's home and finds them dead. They've both been shot in the head. ("We’ll Meet Again")

Jason is seen showing up at murder scene of Suzanne and Emory. As Jason examines the bodies, he suddenly sees his dead parents instead of them with vampire bites on their necks. Andy calls for Jason and asks Andy if he remembers how they got back home. Andy says he doesn't, and Jason tells him that the people in that club were fairies. Andy shakes off the thought of having slept with a fairy, and refuses to let what happened ruin what he has with Holly and tells Jason they'll never speak of it again. Andy then questions Sam about what happened. Sam tells him they were getting together for dinner and he found them dead on the porch. Andy asks if he knew anyone that wanted him dead and Sam says no. Andy asks Sam if there was anything else and Sam tells him they were all shifters and occasionally ran together. Andy doesn't seem shocked by this and tells him to stick around.

Sam shows up to Luna's house and tells her about Suzanne and Emory's murder. Sam tries to ask Luna if she knew anyone who would want to hurt them. She says no as they were wonderful people, and then begins crying. Sam says he knows they've been having trouble, but wants to be there for her. Luna then apologizes and asks Sam if he can leave. Sam agrees and says he'll come back and check on her tomorrow. As Sam exits the house, he is suddenly shot by a group of drunken men with rifles howling and wearing masks of President Barack Obama. Luna steps out to help Sam, but they shoot her twice in cold blood and leave her for dead. Then Emma runs out to Luna, but Sam tells Emma to run. As the men aim their rifles, Emma shifts into a wolf pup and runs off, avoiding the bullets. ("Let's Boot and Rally")

As Luna and Sam are wheeled into the hospital, Emma runs to a house as a wolf pup and yelps at the door. Martha Bozeman, her werewolf grandmother, opens it and takes her in.

At the hospital Sam goes to find Luna, right at the moment that Martha brings Emma to see her. Martha tells Luna she doesn't want to compete with her or take Emma away from Luna, but she just wants to be in her granddaughter's life. Luna tells Martha that someone is hunting shifters, and asks if she'll keep Emma safe. Martha agrees.

Sam finds Andy and demands that he help him find the group of men hunting shifters.

Andy returns to the weapons store to investigate the shifter hunters, and as he's questioning the guy behind the counter, Sam walks in and starts looking at equipment. The man behind the counter suddenly seems very interested in Sam. As the clerk is talking to Andy and watching Sam, he slowly reaches under the counter and pulls out a loaded gun. Before he can aim it and pull the trigger, Sam puts a crossbow bolt through his chest. A shocked Andy thanks Sam for saving his life, and Sam explains that he could sense the man shifting into survival mode. ("Hopeless")

While at the store Deputy Kevin is interrogating Andy as he gives his version of the shop keeper shooting. In the back Sam is sniffing around for clues with Kenya standing by. Sam spots a strange box in the back using his acute smell sense. Sam tells Kenya to open being she has gloves. When she opens it they find it full of the Obama masks the shooters have been using. Sam then begins to roll on the floor sniffing telling Kenya about the shooter's poor diets and etc. Kenya concerned then asks Sam if there's anything she should know about and Sam looks up at her saying ""

In the hospital Sam tells Luna about what has been going on. Luna says she needs to be out there helping but Sam tells Luna it's safer in the hospital. Sookie then drops by with gifts for Luna. Sam then tells her what's been happening and Sookie offers to buy Sam coffee in the lobby. In the lobby Sam thanks Sook for the coffee and they sit and talk. Sookie then talks to Sam about being human. She asks Sam if he had the choice to be human would he take it. But they say that despite them not being hated and feared anymore the hate would still be around them.

AS Luna is asleep Sam is still in the hospital and a nurse then walks in the room telling Sam he has to leave, that visiting hours ended two hours ago. Sam says alright and just before Sam leaves the hospital he catches one of the shooters posing as an orderly. Sam then runs after the guy and tackles him in an empty room and then tells the man "this if for my friends and punches the man in the face." ("In the Beginning")

Joe Bob, the member of the anti-supernatural group that Andy has in custody, isn't talking. Sam asks if he can try interrogating him. Sam turns himself into a cobra and learns that they have Jessica. Luna arrives at the station, having shifted into Sam's form. She tells Sam she doesn't know what happened and can't shift back.

Sam, Andy and Luna arrive at the compound and find Jessica. Sam and Luna smell a human woman. Jessica is surprised Hoyt's not the reason they are there.

Sam sits with a terrified Luna on his lap. He's able to turn her back to Luna by giving her a kiss on the forehead. ("Somebody That I Used to Know")

Sam comforts Luna at her place. Sam is worried about her, saying that his brother died because of skin walking (actually he died because he was beaten up badly). Luna says that she doesn't think it will happen again. Sam wants to take Luna back to the hospital, but she refuses and they almost end up in an argument. Sam accepts that he can't stop Luna from coming with him.

Andy talks to the press about the Obamas but withholds key details of the ongoing investigation. Sam and Luna return to the station and tell Andy they picked up the scent of pigs when they went back to the basement where Jessica was held. They are dissatisfied with Andy's seeming unwillingness to help them and decide to go out on their own. They both shift into flies.

Andy and Jason look for connections between Junior and Joe Bob. Andy says that both were arrested by Bud, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Andy then notices one of the dancing Obamas in the video is wearing the cowboy boots Bud was given at his retirement party. They believe Bud is the Dragon. Luna and Sam go unnoticed listening to their conversation in fly form. They go to Bud's farm and find that he is working with the anti-supernatural group; he has imprisoned Sookie and Hoyt in his barn.

Sam, shifted into a pig, saves Sookie from being thrown into the pigpen by catching her. Sweetie runs away as soon as she sees the "dirty shifter." Sam takes on all the Obamas and fares well. Andy and Jason pull up. Andy pulls his gun on Bud. When Bud praises the humans and makes a move at Sam with his shovel Andy shoots him in the chest, killing him. Jason grabs Sookie, who points him to a very weak Hoyt. Outside Luna takes the form of a dog to run Sweetie down. Luna shifts back and begins to beat the snot out of Sweetie. ("Everybody Wants to Rule the World")

Jessica arrives at Merlotte's and the bar quickly empties. The only two remaining customers, Cole and Bobbie, reach for concealed weapons. Sam and Lafayette get the drop on them and disarm them. They find that their weapons are loaded with wooden bullets, confirming their intention to kill a vampire, but let them go. Sam invites Jessica to sit wherever she likes.

Sam tries to reach Steve Newlin, posing as a reporter for a dog magazine in an attempt to confirm that he has a new pet. Luna joins him, distraught that the authorities have dismissed her report of Newlin taking her daughter, Emma. Sam tries to comfort her and then shows her that Newlin is appearing at a live debate in New Orleans that night. Sam offers to fly them there using credit card miles.

Luna and Sam use their shifter abilities to infiltrate Steve's dressing room and are disappointed to learn that he has not brought Emma. They hide in his bag, ensuring that he takes them with him to his next destination.

Steve returns to the Vampire Authority and is met by Chelsea, the receptionist. She shows him that Emma has returned to her human form. He angrily admonishes her, telling her that he doesn't like it when she is human. Sam and Luna scurry out of his bag in mouse form. ("Gone, Gone, Gone")

Shifted from mice, Sam and Luna arrive in the main chamber of the Authority headquarters, wondering where they are.

Sam and Luna find Emma caged in her shifter form. They are discovered outside the cell but the guards assume they are escape human prisoners being used for vampire food. They are locked with the humans in the cell adjacent to Emma. Sam tells Luna to shift, but she says she has to stay with Emma. Sam offers himself to be fed on when the guards come to fetch a meal for Chancellor Compton. ("Sunset")

Sam is brought to Bill in the Authority Headquarters as food. He escapes by shifting into a fly. He goes back to Luna and Emma to plan their escape.

Sam finds Steve's room and convinces Luna to skinwalk as Steve so that they can take Emma back. Luna takes Steve's form but Rosalyn collars her and takes her to make a live television announcement regarding the footage of Steve and Russell killing 22 fraternity brothers. Half way through the interview Luna shifts back into her real form on camera; revealing the existence of shifters to the world. Rosalyn prepares to attack but Sam, already shifted into fly form, swoops into Rosalyn's mouth and destroys her by shifting back into his human form inside of her. ("Save Yourself")

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