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Organization Information
At least 1 AD
  • Subjugate human population
  • Spread the word of Lilith
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"The Authority has overextended its reach. They command us to identify with our prey. Preach to us to love our food. This isn't some fucking romance novel – this is war. Do you think humans will ever tolerate vampires? If we kneel to them, they will cut off our heads. Synthetic blood? Honestly – we should be bottling their blood! You could been something, Eric. If I had made you instead of Godric, you would be a vampire of legend by now. I could have taught you what my maker taught me: the way of the Sanguinista. The true path of the vampire!"
Remus, to Eric Northman

The Sanguinista Movement is a faction of vampires on the HBO original series True Blood. A faction that believes in a literal interpretation of the Vampire Bible, these vampire fundamentalists are opposed to mainstreaming, and desire to topple the Authority for its centuries of oppression towards them. They also believe that vampires should dominate humans instead of coexisting in peace. According to Roman Zimojic, the Sanguinista have made Russell Edgington into their hero after he ripped out a man's spine on live television. He has become the poster boy for the anti-mainstreaming movement, their "Osama Bin Laden", even though Edgington is, in reality, not a Sanguinista and cares nothing for Lilith or Sanguinista religious beliefs. 

The Sanguinistas believe in the literal interpretation of the Vampire Bible, which states that humans are nothing more than food or nourishment for vampires. It also goes on to state that any form of relationship between vampires and humans is blasphemy. They have been referred to as fundamentalists by The Authority, who consider this way of thinking to be a dead end.

Although Sanguinistas believe in the concept of "daywalking", they reject any attempt to pursue it, believing that Lilith intended her children to be creatures of the night and that fairies are abominations. 

While the Authority and the Sanguinistas are idealistically opposed they do share a common belief in Lilith, who is considered to be the first vampire and is worshipped as a God.

It is unknown if the movement retains a significant number of followers, as many were destroyed during a failed uprising against humanity and mainstreamers. Additionally, a human crackdown on vampires and the release of the Hep-V virus, likely damaged any hope of vampire dominance.

Season 4Edit

"There are factions inside the regime that have never been completely on board with the current agenda. Sheriff Northman knows what I'm talking about."
Nan Flanagan to Bill and Eric[src]

After being fired from both the American Vampire League and the Authority, Nan Flanagan seeks to join the budding rebellion in order to escape the "True Death", and attempts to persuade Bill Compton and Eric Northman into joining her. She is instead killed by Bill after calling the two of them "puppy dogs" for their relationship with Sookie. (And When I Die)

Season 5Edit

"Yes I believe Vampires were made in God's image, I believe that mainstreaming is an abomination, and I believe that Lilith will rise from the blood and rip your blasphemes fucking heads off, and dance in your muck."
Nora Gainesborough to Rosalyn Harris[src]

Once Roman has been assassinated,  Salome, Russell and Nora take control of the Authority. All other authority members proceed to join the Sanguinista movement. Some do so willingly, others out of fear. Only Dieter Braun openly refuses to join and is therefore beheaded by Russell. While ostensibly cooperating with the sanguinistas, Eric remains faithful to his maker's teachings and secretly works to stop the budding rebellion. Bill, however, is slowly seduced due to the influence of "nest behavior." The new sanguinista regime attempts to kickstart an uprising by bombing the Tru Blood factories and forcing vampires to feed off of humans. They attempt to keep their budding rebellion a secret, but Russell Edgington and Stephen Newlin are filmed massacring a fraternity house, which alerts the human authorities. As the other Authority members are eventually killed by Bill, in his battle to win the blood of Lilith, the swell of violence makes humans increasingly distrustful towards vampires. Eric, Jason, Pam, and later Nora, work to stop the uprising before an all-out war can erupt. A raid on the Authority headquarters leaves most of its members destroyed, cutting off the movement's head. The remnants of the Authority presumably either disband or are destroyed by the United States government.

The aftermath of the Sanguinistas' failed uprising is a government crackdown on vampires (The Sanguinista leaders severely underestimated humans' defensive capabilities). Relations between the humans and Vampires are severely damaged. The eventual legacy of the attempted uprising is the Hep-V epidemic that brings pain and calamity to both races.

Known SanguinistasEdit

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