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This article contains spoilers about the new season. Do not continue reading if you don't wish to know any details yet.

Sookie is caught in the middle of the attack of the infected vampires and was about to be attacked by a few vampires until an whistle is heard and the infected vampires flee, leaving Sookie and her friends upset by the death of Tara. While inside Bellefleur's Bar and Grill, Sookie hears the panic and devastation of everyone's mind, including Alcide's mind claiming "how she could ever love a dead man", this angers Sookie and she walks home. While walking home, Sookie gets a phone call from Alcide, which infuriates her and throws her phone away. She trips over a dead body and is shocked, but continues to walk home anyway. Later on Alcide and Sookie have a fight over how she cannot control what she hears in people's mind. Although, she later apologizes to him and he forgives her and they make love. In the morning, Sookie attends a memorial held at Reverend Daniels' church and tries to comfort Lettie Mae, who is mourning over Tara's death. Lettie Mae, however gets angry and tells Sookie that she is not welcome because she's the reason why Tara keeps on putting herself in danger. Sookie gets overwhelmed by everyone elses negative thoughts on her and gets up too leave, but before she leaves she tells everyone that she loves this town and the people in it despite there negative views on her. The episode ends with her offering her help to them. ("Jesus Gonna Be Here")

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