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Sookie being a Human/Fairy Hybrid has several powers that have been shown in the series. Her first power is telepathy, which is the ability to hear thoughts and read people's minds. She has had this power her entire life, and it often led her to become an outcast in her youth until she learned to gradually control it. ("Strange Love") So far, it's been explained that her grandfather, Earl, had the same ability. Sookie has also shown to be capable of hearing spirits through the minds of mediums who contact them. ("Me and the Devil")

As Sookie is not a full fairy, she has a limited amount of fae magic and if she overuses it she will run out and become a regular human. ("In the Beginning")

Her second ability is photokinesis which is the ability to generate, wield or control light (hence the name "Photo") energies with her mind. It manifests itself as a powerful bright light of color emanating from her hands. The exact nature of this power is unknown with even Sookie being surprised by it. She used this power for the first time against Maryann, ("New World in My View") then again on her offering, allowing her to knock it down with little effort. ("Beyond Here Lies Nothin'") She later used this on the werewolf Cooter and utilized her power to repel him away from her. ("Trouble")

At one point, Russell Edgington, while handcuffed to Eric in the sunlight, demanded for Sookie to free him and take him back inside. Russell angered her, threatening to kill everyone she cared about. Her anger triggered her photokinetic abilities. As it occurred, it broke through the handcuffs that bonded Eric and Russell. Moments later, she used it to send Russell flying into a nearby wall. ("Evil is Going On")

So far, her photokinesis appears not be as strong as that of full fairies. ("She's Not There") However, her power is strong enough to hurt Queen Mab and destroy the tree of the Lumiere fruit. It didn't appear to kill the other fairies, as they demonstrate how being hit with the fairy blast can vaporize others instantly, possibly because she simply needs more experience with using her powers. As seen, her powers develop and strengthen throughout the series.

As she uses her powers more frequently, she learns new methods in using her photokinesis. On one occasion, when trying to prevent a spell Marnie was casting, she channeled her powers through everyone joining hands in the circle, thus allowing it to separate and throw everyone back. ("Soul of Fire") Again, she used it to help Eric regain his memories after they were lost from a curse Antonia had cast onto him. ("Burning Down the House") This can imply that Sookie's powers have the ability to break through spells and curses with ease. It appears that Sookie is gaining more control of her abilities. For instance, when Pam assaulted Sookie by pushing her into a table, Sookie used her abilities to repel Pam, and when Russell Edgington had Sookie cornered she was able to repel him against the wall.("Whatever I Am, You Made Me")

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Since her powers have been growing throughout the series, the true extent of her power is unknown. Even though she is a human-faerie hybrid she has used her magic to reverse a curse cast by a 400 year old necromancer, Antonia, on Eric and also repel and fight off Russell, arguably the craziest and strongest vampire in existence at that time. This suggests that the powers faeries possess is among the most powerful supernatural magic.

She has also been shown to have a physical side, as she is seen fighting on multiple occasions. She is also a good marksman, seen when she shoots and kills Debbie.

Sookie has shown the capability of manipulating a 'Supernova', a power unique to the Stackhouse bloodline. This allows her to channel her light into a ball-shape. Upon explosion the energy is said to kill any vampire in range. ("The Sun")