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Stackhouse home

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Stackhouse Family


The Stackhouse home By 2008, had mostly been rebuilt apart from a few small rooms. It was vacant of any Stackhouse family for a month because of Sookie's trip to Dallas; leaving Tara, Maryann and Eggs living there.

Maryann claimed the house as her own and, slowly, the possessed townspeople began to trash the property. Once Maryann was killed by Sam, Sookie took her house back. ("Beyond Here Lies Nothin'") ("Beautifully Broken")


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Sookie's damaged house (Season 2-3) and how it was remodeled on return from Faery (Season 4).

Current occupants:

  • Sookie Stackhouse: Sookie has lived in the house since she was six years old. She was absent from the house for a year in Earth time after spending five minutes in the land of Faery.
  • Eric Northman: The current owner of the house. Eric does not live there formally but he has installed a cubby hole to sleep in much to Sookie's disdain.

Previous occupants:Edit

  • Earl Stackhouse: Earl lived in this house for all of his life until he was transported to Faery. On returning from Faery with granddaughter Sookie, he quickly died in Bon Temps Graveyard.
  • Adele Stackhouse: Adele presumably moved into this house when she married Earl. She lived here until murdered by Drew Marshall.
  • Corbett Stackhouse: Sookie and Jason's father was raised here by his parents and moved out when he married Michelle.
  • Linda Stackhouse: Hadley's mother, and Sookie and Jason's aunt, was raised here by her parents and presumably moved out some time in her adult life.
  • Jason Stackhouse: Jason lived in the house since his parents died in 1990. He moved out to his parents' house when he was older.
  • Tara Thornton: Tara moved in here after moving out of her mother's home. She has since relocated to New Orleans.
  • Maryann Forrester: Maryann manipulated Tara in allowing her to move in with her. Eventually, Maryann claimed the house for herself until she was killed by Sam Merlotte.
  • Eggs Talley: Eggs lived briefly in the house while under Maryann's influence and also stayed over with Tara after Maryann's demise, before being killed the next day by Jason Stackhouse.

Sookie and Jason cleaning the house in Beautifully Broken.

Notable Visitors:Edit

People who died in and outside of Stackhouse homeEdit


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