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The "Stake House", located in the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, is your one-stop store or all things anti-vampire on the HBO original series True Blood.


Season 5Edit

The Stake House is where Sookie goes in Season 5 to vamp proof her house because "a big evil vampire is out to get her". It may be assumed the vamp she is referring to is Russell Edgington, but she may also be hoping to keep Tara safely inside her home.

The store clerk is seen watching Steve Newlin's first televised interview as a vampire. Sookie overhears the clerk thinking about inviting her to a vamp staking in the hopes that she'll want to have sex with him afterwards. Sookie informs him that it is illegal to stake anybody, human or vampire.

The clerk just stares at her with a mixture of surprise, distrust, and confusion on his face as he is about to show her the more "permanent solution" in his hand, a huge crossbow. It is unclear as of Episode 2 if Sookie purchased the bow.

She purchases several silver misters and is later seen installing one on her front porch. When Tara stalks into the living room to tell her and Lafayette she will never forgive them, the pair are seen collecting multiple silver mister boxes which leads the viewer to assume there are at least 2-3 more misters about the house. Tara is consequently sprayed with the front porch mister upon running from the house. ("Authority Always Wins")




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