Texas vampires

The Dallas vampires, lead by Stan Baker

"The vampires here, they're like cowboys. If they don't get Godric back, they'll want justice. They'll start attacking people.
Open aggression against humans, that's insane.
Well, that's Texas.
Eric Northman and Bill Compton[src]

TX: Area 9 is a vampire territory on the HBO original series True Blood. Located in the Dallas, Texas, Area 9 is the ninth vampire territory in the state, and is part of the realm of the vampire King of Texas. For many years, Area 9 was overseen by its vampire sheriff, Godric, but, with Godric having committed suicide in 2008, the current sheriff is unknown. Before Godric's untimely death, he recommended Isabel Beaumont as his replacement, but it is unknown if Isabel indeed became sheriff of Area 9.

Area 9 CitiesEdit

Area 9 VampiresEdit

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